Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hillary Arizona Office Grand Opening!

I was invited to bring the Hillcar and some Hillart to the AZ. grand opening of Hillary's office on Saturday. My friend Sally and I went, and had a ball! As we arrived into Phoenix imagine my delight when a "Ron Paul" car pulled up along side of us! I waved and yelled for joy, only to recieve a scowl by the girl driving who tried so hard not to look. When we arrived at the event, with the ron Paul car following us we were greeted by Ron Paul supporters picketing the event with huge signs and yells against our lady. However, as we pulled up to the new office we were given a double wide space right in front to park the Hillcar.
We hung the art, then breaking all tradition broke out Hillary's favorite drink for everyone. "What is Hillary's favorite drink?" People asked," I worked with her for 2 years and don't recall a favorite drink". "It's called "The Hillsplash" we replied...champagne, pomagranite juice, cranberry juice, and a fresh rasberry floated on top!" Everyone agreed that Hillary would approve of such a delicious drink!
Here's a shot I took after the event... who knew Hillary was actually going to be there?


HCAnLA said...

Way to go! I love the story about Ron Paul, I wish we could get some protesters at our office! : )

El-Change-O! said...

If you can't get the protesters, you can always protest it yourself! That's always good for a laugh! G