Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Envoy Youth light the way with Art

Actual Envoy Youth

Today I had an actual Art Envoy Youth painting with me at the studio.
Little did I know, Lily Troup was going to show me a thing or two.
 I guess that's the way it should be.

Lily brought her young friend, Ensil, with her. He seemed a little bored, but was polite enough.

Lily has never used oil paint before, and for that matter, has hardly ever used paint at all. 
She whipped these two paintings up in the first hour.

She showed me some of her art, which really blows me away.

Well, Lily, are you ready to put on a pantsuit and go International?

It paints

It paints the Hillary's elbow.

Designing the Pantsuit

I am on my way to designing my first Pantsuit creation.
I have never had one of my own designs professionally made, so to me this is exciting.
I have an appointment with "my" seamstress tomorrow.
Yes, this is also Kate Pearson's seamstress, Chevela, so I don't have total dibs on her.

Here's my basic design...

This pantsuit will be for everyday wear, so it needs to be cool and comfortable.
I added slits up the sides of the pants for extra ventilation, but the real trick is going to be the fabric.
Does anyone know where I can get fabric that is treadbare, ratty, with holes already in it?
I'm taking a jacket and pants I like as a basic design to work with. 

To me, a pantsuit should say one thing...

Monday, June 29, 2009


Two Envoys wearing the Arm Cast of Solidarity meet at a construction site.

The Cellar of the Clinton Museum

I just received some cool booty from the cellar of the William J. Clinton Museum.
My friend Kate met up with "Ralph the Shrine Guy" in Arkansas, and he gave her these items to give to me....

It seems he made a "Shrine car" for the Clinton Museum a couple of Fourth of July's ago, and they allowed him to root around in the cellar and take whatever he wanted.
Besides giving me one of his awesome "Hillary Shrine" kits, he gave me a "Great First Ladies" button, and a "William J. Clinton Presidential Center" wallet, both of which he procured from the cellar.
"The Cellar of the Clinton Museum"... it just sounds sooooo dreamy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arm casts of Solidarity

In regards to the Breaking News below, photo was just came down the wire...

Here we see this photo taken yesterday in Corfu, Greece.
Here the Art Envoys are lounging around on the Greek Embassy Lawn, playing with their gold watches and wearing their arm casts of solidarity.
This was the conference that Hillary was unable to attend due to her broken elbow.
The watches are gifts given to them by Foreign Ministers, for their great work in the recent Greek International OSCE conference.
 Clearly, their look was stolen by the hip designers featured in the post below.

Haute for Hill!

Apparently this photograph, as seen in All Things Hillary Clinton
is causing quite a stir in the Hill Haute Fashion Industry!

It appears our Trend-setting Hillary has done it again!
Arm casts will be the latest rage in Fall fashion!

The newest trendiest designers are clearly borrowing heavily from the Art Envoys.
They've added a few exciting new touches though, like the gold watch and chain. 
The watch seems to be permanently attached to the cast, giving it the "I'm very busy doing really important things" look.
Some designers are saying "breast plates for the ladies" and "football shoulder pads for the guys", others disagree.

 One must also note the fact that one pant leg is now much bigger than the other. 
This creates that "Comin' Attcha!" illusion.
Very exciting indeed.

Here at H.C.A. Headquarters, we have been inspired to add two new elements to the Martha's Vineyard "Myth of the Pantsuit" art show.
1. A Pantsuit Convention
2. A Pantsuit Fashion show
Some call it "Hill Haute", others "Clinton Couture", but whatever they may call it... bring on the arm casts, we love it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deconstructing the Pantsuit

Pantsuits are Hillary and Hillary are pantsuits.
Her designer, Susanna Chung Forest gave new life to the pantsuit by creating a design specific to the needs of Hillary Clinton.
But the Land of the Pantsuit seems to be a land that designers seldom visit.
Though the man's suit is continuously being reinvented, the innovative woman's pantsuit concept seems to belong to Hillary alone.
I'm doing a little research on deconstructing the pantsuit because I too need a pantsuit.
As the leader of the InternationalHillaryClintonArtAmbassadorPantsuitEnvoys, I need one...two... maybe four bad-ass new pantsuits. 
In the spirit of Hillary Clinton, they must be designed specifically for me.
Where will I wear them?
I'll wear them everywhere!
I'll need one for work, one for play, one for painting, one for parties, and one to simply be fabulous in.
If your planning on becoming an Envoy, you will too!

I did a little research on who's who in the Up-and-coming Pantsuit fashion world, and I have to say I came up short, to say the least.
But I did discover some great new designers who are visiting the peripheries of Pantsuit Land.

           Juan Hernandez Daels

           Dimitri Stavrou 

                             Henrik Vibskov
I know the design I want, and now I must find some cool fabric. This is equally as important as the design. 
Good luck in designing yours!

P.S. ( Which now has a whole new meaning) 
I hope this video provides some divine designing inspiration!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Envoys are coming!

I was walking down the street today, thinking about the wonderful Envoy dream I had last night, when a lanky young man danced passed by me.
Dancing his way down the street, he asked me for another "Hillary Clinton Army" button.
 I called after him, saying that I would get him one soon.
He yelled "I wish I could do somersaults!" as he danced away.
This is the energy of the Envoy.

In my dream last night, the Envoys were coming. They were converging on the beach. More and more were arriving, each wearing a brightly colored pantsuit/suit.
Excitement was in the air. They were going to make art with anyone who wanted to join them.  They were fun, and full of inspiration and light. Everyone was laughing.

I want to make this vision a reality.

If you can, come to my art show on Martha's Vineyard, Saturday August 15th. 
Please wear a bright colored pantsuit.
All art proceeds will go towards funding the Envoys. 
This is a great place for an "International Art Envoy" kick off, if there ever was one. 
Perhaps you've already heard, but both the Clintons and the Obamas will be on the Island around this time. The energy should be crackling!
Young, old, artist or not, if you can put on a pantsuit, you can be an Envoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You tell me

Anyone want to take a crack at naming this painting and coming up with a story?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Haunting of Hill House

I have finally moved into my new studio today, an old, somewhat dilapidated house the neighbors are calling
 "Hill House".
I'm not sure if they are referring to this...

Or this...

At any rate, I think it's perfectly glamourous.
I was going to take the creepiest, darkest room for my studio, a force of habit you know.
But then a voice spoketh to me, and it was the voice of Hillary.
"Gretchen, take the sunny, bright room. It's O.K., you can take it." So I did.

I began this painting there tonight. It's just a start.
I realized it's O.K. to ask for things, because sometimes you just might get them.
Thank you Ed and Kelly!

International Envoys

As International Envoys we use a creative, innovative and non-traditional approach to deliver the message that Earth is ONE GREAT GLOBAL COMMUNITY. By working together, and taking advantage of all our exciting new communication tools, we will make all the difference in the world. 
We use art, music, technology, writing, dance, theatre, social networking, humor, and most of all, fun, as our means of expression. Our positive approach inspires and empowers others to join in our efforts.
We are strong, confident, passionate and absolutely victorious!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Plan!

A perfectly wicked plan has been hatched. The Envoys are thrilled, but secretive.

Hillary's Envoys plan next step

After a rather rough night, Hillary's Envoys begin to concoct their plan.
Let's try to listen in, shall we?

I thought I heard something about a conference in Greece. What about you?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Night at The Cave of Hercules

It seems like things have definitely taken a turn for the worse!
The Envoys had a great day riding horses, swimming, and sailing, but tonight's plan to sleep in "The Cave of Hercules" isn't turning out quite as planned.
First it started to rain...

and then Hercules showed up! He's not so nice in person. Plus he's into wearing that nasty old lion's head.
Looks like trouble for our Art Envoys!

Loosening up

The Art Envoys are heading to the Cave of Hercules to spend the night.
They are sad about events in the news, and have had enough of the city.
They've come to lighten up and loosen up a bit.

Not everybody can carry the weight of the world, like Hercules or like Hillary, but we do the best we can.

They were caught this morning listening to this...

Hitting a brick wall

Out Art Envoys have painted, repainted and scraped the wall they chose to send Hillary a "Get well soon" message on so many times now, they've scraped it down to brick.

They are usually pretty confident about their painting skills, but when I mentioned that I might send this as a card to Hillary from the H.C.A., they froze.
They have decided  to scrap this project and go visit The Cave of Hercules instead.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The painting continues...

Our pantsuited Art Envoys were lazing around and complaining about the paint fumes today, so I asked them this simple question.
What would Hillary do?

They shut up and got back to work.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Hillary Clinton Army book

I've got mine! Well, at least the first draft. 
Thanks to Rachel Oertel the story of the H.C.A. shall be forever recorded in the history books!

But Rachel, I'm thinking it needs a catchier cover. Here's a few ideas I have...

I've got lots more where that came from. So if you need ideas for the cover...I'm your gal!
All kidding aside, I really am thrilled about the book.
A possible best seller? I'd say definitely in some circles!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Get well soon, Hillary!

The Art Envoys are very sad to hear that Hillary has hurt herself.
They are working on a Get well message on an old wall down by the beach of Tangiers.

But they have other promises to keep today, and must finish this work tomorrow.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Does anyone know who gave the Art Envoys Hoverpods?
I spotted them buzzing out of their طنجة castle ruins  just before dark....

They were last heard mumbling something about a Pantsuit Convention.

!Viva La Pantsuit Revolucion!

  ...or  الثورة العربية  
       Art Envoys early morning Tangiers.

Oh look, true to form, the Art Envoys have found a perfectly trashy castle ruins to squat in down by the harbor.

This should be interesting.

Hillary fractures her elbow!

Hill update: I just learned that Hillary has fractured her elbow and will be having some surgery. Bummer!

Read all about it at All Things Hillary Clinton.
I hate thinking that our Hillster is injured. Lucky for us, she has Super Powers and should heal almost instantly.
After a few days rest I'm sure she'll get right back to saving the world!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To the city

After days of traveling by sea, the Art Envoys have finally made it to shore and are heading towards the city.

What city? I honestly don't know. 
What country? Beats me.
I just follow along and do my best to paint them without asking too many questions.
Everything will be revealed in time.

Hillary Comic Book

 I FINALLY ( centuries after the fact) got my hands on a Hillary Clinton comic book (thanks Roxanne!) and I just have to say I don't get it.
It's not funny. 
 Where's Hillary's Super Powers? Where's the outer space travel? What about the cool fight scenes with evil villains?

            (Photo credit Charlene Mitchell)
Plus the guy who wrote the comic book doesn't seem to even like Hillary.

It kind of reminds me of reading 'Apartment 3G" as a kid. 
It wasn't funny. I didn't get it.
(I also didn't know it was a soap opera comic series, and not supposed to be funny).

Anyways, after reading "Female Force Hillary Clinton", I'll take Apartment 3G any day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Envoys on the waves

The Art Envoys keep multiplying as they sail to destinations unknown.
Here's a quick sketch I painted as they cruised on by....

     blasting this music...

Liberty let's roll!

I just met the coolest lady who is parked in Bisbee this afternoon with a giant, rolling, kick boxing Statue of Liberty.
She is traveling around the country with her statue and her message is really cool. 
Check it out....

Liberty and Hillary just seem to go together!

Photo by Charlene Mitchell