Friday, June 12, 2009

Get ready for the Gunpowder Gang!

Looks like our Pantsuit Youth is up to their ears in trouble!
Not only does it seem they broke in to Baddesley Clinton this morning, but it looks like they have company!
A local gang of kids who call themselves "The Gunpowder Gang" have come to take back their turf.
This group, who are the actual descendants of  the Baddesleys, as also the descendants of the Gunpowder Plot Society of 1605. 

 (Click to more closely inspect the Gunpowder Gang)

Although the Gunpowder Gang hang out on the moat most every weekend, this weekend is especially important.
This is the 400th anniversary of the signing of "The Gunpowder Treaty".
This ruthless Gang reenacts the famous story every weekend, but tomorrow's show is going to be extra special.
Much to the shock of "The Clinton Kids", The Gunpowder Gang could care less that Secretary Clinton is coming tomorrow.
The show must go on!
It looks like a boundary war is about to begin.
And did I mention they smoke? Yikes!!!!


bisbohemian said...

Perhaps it is just me, but I am having some sort of West Side Story moment?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

It's a story as old as time.

Jess said...

Ha.....A tale as old as time......Beauty and the Beeaassttt....

Vince said...

Good story..........
have some better one....



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