Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Haunting of Hill House

I have finally moved into my new studio today, an old, somewhat dilapidated house the neighbors are calling
 "Hill House".
I'm not sure if they are referring to this...

Or this...

At any rate, I think it's perfectly glamourous.
I was going to take the creepiest, darkest room for my studio, a force of habit you know.
But then a voice spoketh to me, and it was the voice of Hillary.
"Gretchen, take the sunny, bright room. It's O.K., you can take it." So I did.

I began this painting there tonight. It's just a start.
I realized it's O.K. to ask for things, because sometimes you just might get them.
Thank you Ed and Kelly!

1 comment:

Tour Wonk said...

I'm happy that you are happy... and I love to see the word "spoketh" anytime I can... good job!