Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What is a Pantsuit Envoy?

In case your just tuning in....
A Pantsuit Envoy ( or P.S.E.) is an International Art Ambassador. The mission of a P.S.E. is to inspire and excite people from all walks of life to create art together.
In the spirit of Secretary Clinton, P.S.E.'s will wear brightly colored pantsuits as a symbol of good will, International Diplomacy, and a spirit of fun. Brightly colored suits will be encouraged for the guys. Lucky for us, pantsuits are inexpensive and abundant in any thrift store, and there's always plenty to go around!
These special envoys will travel to different countries and create public art with local communities. Art is the International language that everyone can understand, and everyone will be invited to participate in the fun.
With each new community visited by the Pantsuit Envoys, a lasting sense of accomplishment will be indelibly left behind, in the form of a beautiful piece of art and some exciting new friendships.


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