Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thanks for the Hillbling!

I just recieved two packages of Hillbling! One from Judy, lots of bumperstickers for my bumpersticker pants! Thanks, Judy!
The other from Shelley, 9 pairs ( a limited edition) of these cool Hill earrrings! Get them now, or forever wish you had! 30 bucks if I need to mail them to you, less if I see you on the street!
The latest up-date! Shelley says she only wants 20.00 for the earrrings, she wants to get them out there! So it's 20 bucks if I see you on the street, and another 5 bucks if I mail them!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let's hope this isn't us next year!

Dragonfly's Banquet

I'm feeling sick today so I guess I'll just show you some photos of things from my past.
Like this one, "Dragonfly's Banquet". My X and I built this home-made raft from scavenged scraps and lived on it for two years on the Northern Atlantic ocean. We had our share of storms, near disasters, and winter cold, as well as magical times... dolphins, sea turtles, great swimming days. We built it in Provincetown, MA. and sailed it to New York City. We moved so slowly in that damn truly was an odyssey!

I forgot to mention...

Did I mention that I paint things other than ( gasp!) Hillary Clinton? Well, sometimes I do, just not this year!

Here's some of my painting... Gretchen's art

Hillary earrings!

Check out these bad-ass Hillary earrings my friend Shelley Buscher from Houston Texas made for me! I asked her if she would be willing to make more for my Hillary-loving friends and she said she would! These are made using bottle caps, a miniature copy of my Hillart covered with an epoxy resin. They are really well-made and have beads hanging from them. If you would like a pair let me know and I'll take the order to Shelley! They will cost 30.00 shipping included.

Shelley is one of my favorite artists. Her art cars are famous... like this one called "Eelveza", as well as her political "Impeach" cars. She's been written up in Time magazine, People, Utne, Houston Chronicle, and loads more!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary's heart

Here's a glimpse of Hillary's heart, atleast my version completed today on top of the Hillcar!

Cleopatra and Hillary

Granted, most everything I know about Cleopatra comes from the movie with Elizabeth Taylor. None-the-less I've always seen a little Cleopatra in Hillary Clinton! More than likely in this day and age these comparisons are politically incorrect. But who cares! I love Hillary, I love Cleopatra ( ala Elizabeth Taylor). I think Hillary should guild her hillocopters in gold and really go for it! I know she never will, so I'm going for a touch of this golden glamour on the Hillcar!

Who will play Kate in "HC.A., THE MOVIE"?

Here's Kate:

Here are your choices... get polling!
Jennifer Coolidge

Tracy Ullman

Catherine O'Hara

Jennifer Tilly

Monday, February 25, 2008

Who is that masked man?

The love of my life...Shawnee! Here he is with his little friend, Hank, at our News Years event that Shawnee put on!

... And the winner is....

Lilly Tomlin! ( circa 1969) to play Mo McCoy in H.C.A. the Movie! Katherine Keener was a close second! I know for a fact that some last minute pollers were dispointed at missing the chance to vote! But YEA! for Lilly Tomlin, who in their right mind doesn't love her? I mean, come on! She in ultimately WAY cooler than Katherine Keener can ever hope to be!
For the record, the other contestants were, besides Katherine Keener, Kate Blanchett and Shelley Duvall.

Judy with a Hillplate

and with Hillbling!

A great day with the Nagles!

Ya gotta love Bob and Judy Nagle! I just had a fantastic day with them here in Bisbee! Judy and I went to see the sand HILL cranes( all things Hillary, even in our down -time!) It is so peaceful there. I can truly say I had a fantastic day!

Here's Bob and Judy... see what I mean?

Note the fine craftsmanship!

Feast your eyes on Suzanne's handi-work. She used to be a Neiman-Marcus make-up sales-woman, so she knows her stuff! She thought Hillary needed a little help and some high-lights, so she bedazzled and be-jeweled Hillary's eyes, hair, lips and smile!

Let go and let Hillary!

Words to live by!

Judy is coming!

Wa-hoo! Judy Nagle is coming to Bisbee for a visit today! she is bringing her husband, Bob, to go antique shopping.
Judy said she went to a party for Gabby Giffords, and that she and Gabby talked about the possibility of a Gabby car. The idea continues....
However, just for the record I have decided to keep the Hillcar the Hillcar.. forever and ever! Hillary is so awesome that no matter what happens with the election, if she becomes the next president or is does not, I will be proud to have a car dedicated to her! I would love to make a Gabby car someday though!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Suzanne scores!

While working on the Hillcar this afternoon, Suzanne managed to talk two nice tourists on Vespas into making a run for us for some ice for our drinks! Suzanne is sure a Southern sweet-talker and the couple on the Vespas sure were nice!

Jill from Michigan saves the day with ice for our drinkie-poos!

All the animals and all the aliens...

All the animals..

and all the aliens...

and my friends that helped me with the Hillcar

( Mo and Suzanne)
all say the same thing... WE NEED HILLARY !

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Someone thought it was me in this picture

Of-course it's not but I like this girl's Hillary image! If you one of my paintings that resembles this one, you'll know where I stole the idea from!
Oops! the girl got cut off, I'll fix it later!

shopping for cheap crap!

Boy, there's so much cheap crap to choose from! An art car artists dream come true! But where ar the Hillary Clinton dolls?

I considered these very strange dolls, but decided against them.

And what about these classy dancing dogs talking on cell phones? Hmmm....

I did buy a ton of crap and look forward to glueing tomorrow!

A dream about Gabby..

Last night I dreamed Gabby Giffords owned a cafe/wayward children's home. I went there to talk to her about making the "Gabby Car". She was buzy so I followed her around as we talked. She went outside to an outdoor ampitheatre where kid's put on plays. She was painting a set that surrounded the ampitheatre, she was splashing around shimmery silver paint onto the natural scenery set that surrounded us. I told her I'd like to paint the Gabby car but it was expensive for me to do so eh-hem, cough up! She said she couldn't afford to give me any funding for it, but would love to have one. I thought, O.K., this is never going to happen!

Some new additions to the Hillcar...

Yesterday Mo came and helped me for awhile, and now she is going to pick me up and take me to Sierra Vista to shop at dollar stores and oriental knick-knack shops for more bling for the car!
Judy, in-case you read this.... I would LOVE a special addition by you! If by any chance you have a spare armadillo you would like to add to the car for good luck in Texas, please bring it on Monday! I would love it if you would glue it on too! ( For extra good Hillary luck!)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't give up on Hillary!

There's rumours of people giving up on Hillary... tisk, tisk... never underestimate a Clinton, and never underestimate our own power! Let's get out there and fight!

Doug and Bingo's " Safeway Photo"

Doug and Bingo went to one of those photographers at Safeway

The message said...

Inside it says "I hide my magic in nooks and crannies, and only I can find it..."

The envelope please!

Doug said that in each envelope there is a message. I opened the first envelope today!

Who might this masked artist be?

I got a call at work from Doug Stanhope , who told me the art was made by Bingo! Bingo is a fantastic musician, as well as writer and artist! Please click on her name and check out some of her music! Here is a photo collage of Bingo playing on the Howard Stern show! I am very honored that Bingo made this art for me!

Look what someone left by my car!

I was on my way to work yesterday when I noticed someone had left a strange painting by my car, in the parking lot below my house. This mysterious tribalistic painting had envelopes glued on it. The envelopes where sealed. I scratched my head and put the very cool painting in my car and went off to work thinking.... Hmmmm

Hillary's standing ovation!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mo's part

Her's a bit of Mo's work on the car. she is coming over tomorrow to continue the project!

Here's a piece of Mo's sculpture. Mo has devoted her life to helping the people of Darfur, this sculpture is slated to go on tour with the film "Darfur Now". Mo is one of the most amazing artists alive today. Her work is powerful, exquisite, and life-changing.

Rick's handiwork

This portion of my car was made by Rick McKinney, who is a great writer ("Dead men hike no Trails") and a great art car artist! I will post some of his creations as soon as I locate a photo!

Here is Rick with his art car "Duke". Rick is one of my favorite all-time art car artists, and his book is a must read!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can it get any better?

Wow! Who do I love ALMOST as much as Hillary? That's who I will be flying out to San Diego to see the day I return from Texas!


Friends glueing!

My friends Rick and Mo came by today to help me on the Hillcar. Both are artists so it was a special pleasure to see what they would come up with, an of-course it looks really cool! The weather wasn't exactly cooperating but we had a fun afternoon anyway! A few Hillary supporters I've never met came by to see what we were up to!

Ya gotta love Pat Fleming!

To know Pat Fleming is to love her! She is running for Arizona House of Representatives from Legislative District 25., and we need her representing Southeast Arizona! Pat's beliefs are right on, sincere, and what we need to protect our beautiful area. Be it protecting the San Pedro river, stopping a highway from being built in this area, to education and health care reforms ... Pat is looking out for us!

Look what we are up against!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gabby booty!

Check out the Gabby booty I scored for the Democratic event last night! She left her name tag at her table and here it is! I told Gabby about that there was a "Judy Nagle day" in Bisbee, and Judy wanted to know why wasn't there a "Gabby Giffords day"? Gabby said Judy is always trying to "one-up" her.
I also told Gabby that if she was nice to me I'd consider making her a "Gabby car", she saif that was too much for her to dream for! She said she would collect Hillary stuff for the Hillcar, well I seriously doubt that will happen, but she sure is nice!
Who knew politics could be so much fun?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's day!

Yesterday was" Judy Nagle day" and today is president's day, does this get any better? Yes, how about "Future President's day" featuring our own Hillary Clinton! I am going to work a Democratic fund-raiser at Cafe Roka today, featuring Gabby Giffords. I've been instructed to point out to Gabby that Bisbee now has "Judy Nagle day" ( Judy and Gabby are good friends), but NO Gabby Giffords day! Too bad for Gabby!
On another subject... Meg Ryan won the role of wendy in "H.C.A., THE MOVIE", by one point over Ellen DeGeneres. Let's see who will play Mo, shall we? Don't forget to vote!