Monday, February 25, 2008

Judy is coming!

Wa-hoo! Judy Nagle is coming to Bisbee for a visit today! she is bringing her husband, Bob, to go antique shopping.
Judy said she went to a party for Gabby Giffords, and that she and Gabby talked about the possibility of a Gabby car. The idea continues....
However, just for the record I have decided to keep the Hillcar the Hillcar.. forever and ever! Hillary is so awesome that no matter what happens with the election, if she becomes the next president or is does not, I will be proud to have a car dedicated to her! I would love to make a Gabby car someday though!

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LOVE23 said...

Hope to see Judy and Bob today! Even tho it's not officially Judy Nagle day, she's a fun lady.