Friday, February 8, 2008

My answer to why I support Hillary

I think everyone agrees that our country and our planet are in dire straits. We all are desperate for change. This election is our chance to bring about huge positive changes. Our next president has to be the most competent, experienced, qualified, wise, and caring person there could possibly be. I believe Hillary Clinton is that person. Others may promote change, but I believe Hillary is the most likely to actually bring about real change. She has been hard at work on issues that matter most to me, such as healthcare, education, the environment, and women's and children's rights for the past 35 years. Her record shows she has  worked harder, longer and more diligently than any other candidate. Hillary is the rare kind of person who has already shown us that no matter what happens, she will continue to devote every single day of her life, and every bit of her passionate energy, to working on issues to help our planet. How wonderful to think Hillary Clinton could be our next president!
     Gretchen Baer
     Leader of the "Hillary Clinton Army"
     Bisbee Arizona


Tour Wonk said...

"I like Hillary. I think she’d make the best president. I think [Barack]'s a good man. I think he’s altruistic. I think he’s smart. I think at some point he can be a great leader. I just don’t think it’s now.”

Guess who said this???
Go on... guess!!!!


El-Change-O! said...

Cher? Huh, now I really love me some Cher!