Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a day!

Wendy and I spent the day yesterday going to polling locations, we handed out water and candy at the Benson poll where the line was 2 hours long. We were sent to a Tucson poll by Carston who is the head of the Tucson HRC HQ. We recieved a lot of press coverage there and had quite a bit of fun! We played music on a boom box and entertained each other by taking photos of each other dressed in various ways including Wendy with the Hillary mask.
We went to "Elle" to watch the primaries, and had some quality time with Judy Nagle. It was nice to see JoJene as well. Lots of media there as well. Of-course I was thinking maybe Hillary won, but alas the fight continues! She did very well though! We were proud she took Arizona!
After the show we caught the last half hour of "Super Furry Animals" at the Congress. Fantastic Welsh band! They were excellent, and the crowd was small which suited me fine. They were over too quickly though!
The night then went south after I ate a bad burrito and got food poisoning! I am still sick! Bummer!!!


Tour Wonk said...

ever so sorry that the words "Viva" and "Burrito" will now forever make you hork...

Love ya, babe!

El-Change-O! said...

You got that right! I am just now beginning to feel vaguely human!