Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Hills are alive!

The Hillarys spent the late afternoon at a Democratic event in a park.

Melissa "Hillary" Reaves preformed!

The Hills went happily off into the sunset!

Tomorrow we go to Asheville and we need more Hillarys! We will meet at 2 PM in Pritchards park. The phone car will be there! The first Hillary to answer that 3 PM call wins!

So many Hillarys, so litle time!

The Hillarys are here and it's starting to look a lot like THE HILLARYS ARE COMING! Today, Wed. April 30th, at 5 PM we will be converging at "Reids",( the old jail house) in Boone to do our first running of the Hillarys! We will hit the town in Hillary stlye and enjoy some "Cocktail for Clinton!" at various bars around downtown Boone!

Tomorrow, May 1st, we need Hillarys in Ashville, NC. Time and place yet to be decided. The red phone car will be arriving! It may not be 3 Am, but which lucky Hillary will be the one to answer it?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a day!

It's been a long, full day here in North Carolina! We started the day with two interviews by local Boone papers.

Here's Jen and I with Hilldog.
Then we went around and collected Hillarys. Here's some potential Hillarys for tomorrow.

All of Melissa's friends are so nice, and so numerous! I think she should run for mayor of Boone!
We then went shopping for Hillcoats. In my dream all the hillcoats were red in the running of the Hillarys. I thought I would have to abandon this part of the vision until I stepped into the thrift shop!

Yes I bought 35 different red blazers! I thought I died and went to heaven!

From here we went to a Bill Clinton rally in Boone. Or I guess I should say we attempted to go! Most of the people going to the rally had on Obama buttons! I think Obama has cornered the market on bone-headed young guys with mega-phones! He can have them, we couldn't take it and split!
Off we drove to other Bill rally with much different results. The rally in Wilkesbourough was like a dream come true!

Even the police were nice in wilkesbourough. I am pictured here with the Chief of Police,Randy Rhodes, and his assistant.

Really wonderful people, a pretty town, Bill speaking from someone's front porch, really fantastic! Here's a close-up of Bill signing Melissa's Hillsuit!

From this rally we went on to another rally in another town who's name I'm forgetting at the moment (it's 2 AM and I'm exhausted!) We met these awesome guys there. Hey guys, I hope your reading this!

From this rally we went for the gold and hit yes another rally in Mount Airy! We never got in to this rally so we talked to some T-shirt vendors we met in PA, as well as a really nice officer for an hour or so.

Then we drove 2 hours back home!
A lot more happened today, but I'm pretty tired! A big shout-out to Kate for the supply of Hillcar photos with all my contact info on them. We gave out a lot and they were very popular. Great idea, Kate, thanks!
Well, until tomorrow... have happy Hillary dreams!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm in Boone

Here I am in North Carolina at my friends Melissa and Jen's house. It is a cozy mellow house with cats and rain on the tin roof. I have my own room with a big bed and down comforter, really nice. Melissa just fed me some of the best soup I think I've ever had! Boone looks like a sweet little town, though I've only seen it in the dark so far. Guess who is coming to Boone tomorrow.... Bill Clinton! Weird, huh? Tomorrow should be fun. Melissa and Jen have set up a couple interviews in the morning with the local paper and T.V. We will also be going thrift shopping for pantsuits! I don't know if I can pull off a bunch of Hillarys tomorrow, but hell...I'll try!

It's 3 AM....

It's that old Hillary magic on the job again! Kate drove Hunter Mann and I to the airport in Tucson. Hunter is going to Boston to begin a tour with "The Phone Car", a red phone that rings. Hmmm... wait a minute... "are you going through North carolina?" I asked. The answer was a resounding YES! We are now puttin together a plan with John West. It goes something like this.... 50 Hillarys clammoring for the white house red phone. Can you hear me now?
Dreaming big here, I wonder if Hillary herself could answer it?

I'll be in North Carolina tonight!

I got word from my friend Melissa that the Hillcar is safe and sound in her driveway in Boone, NC. The HIllcar is kind of like Herbie the love bug, it has adventures of it's own! The driver told Melissa that he had unloaded the Hillcar in Maine, and during the time that it sat in a parking lot, a police officer seriously attempted to give the driver a ticket for "illegal campaigning"! That's a new one!
Here is a photo of Hillary's brother Tony with his daughter. This is Hillarys niece. I just thought I'd state the obvious! Don't you see a little Hillary in her?

Here's a photo of Melissa Reaves, who will be my host in NC. She is picutred here with Robert Plant of Led Leplin, after she played with him!

I've got 500 H.C.A. buttons, new business cards, and yes....50 HILLARY MASKS! being shipped to Melissa's house!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today my thoughts are with my friend Stan, who has chosen today to transition on the highest level. I spent most of the day with him, in his castle looking over Bisbee. He will soon be free to fly...
On a Hillary note, I am getting ready to fly to North Carolina tomorrow!

Here is Brendon, Kate's nephew and a big Hillcar lover!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

How much do I love Hillary?

This much!

I just bought 50 Hillary masks! They should be arriving in Boone, NC on Tuesday! That's another 850 bucks on my creditcard... come on Hill-sponsers!
I can't wait to see all 50 masks worn with 50 pantsuits... it's going to be heaven! The Hillarys are indeed coming! Look out North Carolina, if your not in love with Hillary will be very soon! Check it out... The Hillarys are coming! !

The Hillarys are coming!

Please check out The Hillarys are coming!
This is going to be great!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm going to North Carolina

I've got a lot of work to do before I leave, but I hope to leave on Monday! I am so excited to be getting back on the "campaign trail"! It's amazing to be in a state when the "Hill magic" is happening! I know we will win North Carolina for Hillary! Please consider hopping a plane and joining in the effort!

I had a dream last night about a group called "the Hillarys". They all wear a hillmask, red jacket and black pants. They do things en masse, it seemed very effective in my dream when "the Hillarys" come through town! In reality this is an easy stunt to pull off in any town!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your not gonna believe this!

I just got a call from Hillary's cousin, Jamie Brazil. He said that Hillary and the Rodham family really appreciate our efforts and wanted to thank us! Jamie said he, Hillary's brother Tony, and Hillary were talking about me and the Hillcar this morning! When he mentioned the Hillcar Hillary said, " and what about those Hillsuits!" Tony then said he is planning on wearing a Hillsuit to the convention which got a laugh out of Hillary!
Anyways, I told him that the car is on it's way back to AZ., but if they would like it to go to Indiana or North Carolina, I will get the auto-shippers to turn that car around! He said he would talk to Hillary's person about which state would be better, and get back to me.
And the winner is....( drum roll,please) North Carolina! YEA! My very dear friend Melissa Reaves is from NC and she is a big Hillary supporter. She is one of the most talented musicians ever, she's played with Robert Plant, Cindy Lauper, The Indigo girls, The Dixie Chicks, Sister Sledge, just to name a few. We are working on a "Concerts for Clinton" plan. Where we will bring will bring people together for great music and we can talk about Hillary! She has musician friends all over the state, so she is going to pick out the best Hillary-loving musicians to join us!
The Hillcar is officially on it's way to North Carolina right now! Jamie said he will call Hillary and let her know, and to call him when I get to NC. Financially I'm on my own and I will be needing everyone's support! If you have any Hillfriends who would like to help, please give them my address!
Gretchen Baer
P.O. Box 605
Bisbee, AZ 85603

The Hillcar needs to go to Indiana!

I'm back home in Bisbee, the Hillcar is following and should be here in a few days, Tuesday or Wednesday. Yesterday I scrambled to figure a way to send the car on the North Carolina, but the auto-transport driver was already on his way to Hellertown, and I couldn't change that.
I am asking all of your help to think of ways to finance the Hillcar in going to as many primary states as possible! I have to work quickly. If you know of anyone who would like to donate please send them my way! I need your help!
I feel more intensely than ever that Hillary HAS GOT TO WIN! This is of EXTREME global importance! If Barrack Obama wins the nominations he will NOT win against McCain! As Rob Reiner told me, the Republicans have already made their arsenal of "God damn America" videos and have them ready to go. We would wind up with 4 more years with a Republican President! I don't think America can withstand that,I don't think the earth can take that kind of abuse!
Working together, I believe we can have a significant effect on this election! I would love to brain-storm with you all, and decide what state I should focus on getting the Hillcar to next.
MAY 6 Indiana( 84 delegates) North carolina (134 delegates)
MAY 13 West Virginia (39 delegates)
MAY 20 Kentucky (60) Oregon (65)
JUNE 1 Puerto Rico (63))
JUNE 3 Montana (24) South dakota (23)

The Hillcar on youtube!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parting thought...

This photo was in yesterday's Washington Post!

We're here at the airport and I am no longer feeling sorry about leaving, rather I feel excited about the the next adventure!
I have to board the plane in a moment, but I 'll just say this... Hillary loved the car, Bill loved the car, Chelsea, Dorothy Rodham and Hillary's brothers all loved the car. John West just called and said he just got off the phone with the Rodhams who told him to thank me for coming with the Hillcar. What I'm getting at is I WANT MORE! I want to get back on the campaign trail as soon as possible! Go Hillary!

The Rodhams Victory party

Here's a few photos from the Rodham's party at the Hilton last night.

This is Kate with Hugh and Tony Rodham, Hillary's brothers.

Her I am with Tony Rodham. He said he would like me to make him a Hillsuit to wear to the Convention!

Here is John West, and Larry. Larry is a young Hillary volunteer who has worked really hard here in Scranton, and LOVES Hillary!

Other important people...

This is Deb, with another new friend Peggy. Deb was our roommate here in Scranton, and now our good friend.
Nonone told her she had two roomates, and when she walked in her room to find us and my Hillary-decorated "bedroom" in the closet, she really took it in stride! Kate and I adore her!

This is Pam, she hosted us in York and just like I feel with Deb, I have found a new fantastic friend for life! Pam has been sending me all the links to all the Hillcar articles from this trip...thanks Pam!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10% and rising!

We did it in PA, and we got the double digit that was requested ! I am tired and a little sad, because now I have to leave the campaign trail... for now, anyways! Tomorrow we leave Pennsylvania, and I am already dreaming about the next state where the Hillcar can kick some ass!
The Hillcar has been immensely popular in this state... and I like to think that the hillcar helped to rock PA!

Watching the votes comes in...

We worked the polls all day. Here is our dear new friend, John west, who set us up here at the Radisson. He is a rouge Hillary warrior who was able to collect enough donations to put us all up here at this wonderful hotel. He is a Hillary magic man!
we just got the news, HILLARY WON! we've got to go to the Hilton now to a party thrown by the Rodhams!

Today's Hillcast...

Today is the big day! We are just waking up to a fabulous Hillary day here in Scranton, PA! The forecast ... plenty of Hillshine, 100 percent chance of Obama!

We will be hitting the polls here all day in Scranton, so time to get up and get moving!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Check this out!

New York Times slide show


washington Post

More Washington Post

Part 2, Hillcar hits a home run in Scranton!

Of-course I would love Hillary to see the car, and that still hasn't happened yet. BUT Hillary's personal photographer came over to me and said "Hillary wants me to photograph the car for her". So click, click!

I asked the woman if she thought Hillary would like a piece of art, and she said yes she thought she would! So I gave the photographer a Hillary Melmac plate and I said "tell her it's dish-washer safe".

This is the Melmac I gave Hillary.

She laughed and shook her head, and repeated "dish-washer safe" with a chuckle as she walked back to Hillary's motorcade.

Hillcar hits a home-run in Scranton! Part 1

That's another one of Kate's titles for today's blog.
Here's today's Hill-look!

Where to start with today's activities? I'll begin by saying Hillary's mom, Dorothy, was just in the parking lot of the hotel checking out and photographing the Hillcar! My friend John said that she LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! He said she oogled every inch of it and wanted to know if I could be here tomorrow!
I am taking a break lying on the bed, (I'm swearing off sleeping in the closet!) , I've got my sleep number set to 35, Hillary's sleep number. I just thought I'd try that one out!
Anyway, I wore one of my Hilsuits today and Hillary truly loved it, she signed it too! She said, "where in the world did you get that?" I said I made it, and she said to the media, "did you get a photograph of this?" and I then said to her, "it's the proto-type of the Hillsuit, they are going to be the rage when you become president!" I think she liked that!
After the rally I went out the the Hillcar and was interviewed and photographed by such slew of networks, newspapers, and magazines than I can recall. Some of them were...Time,Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Times, The Washington Post, National journal, CNN, ABC, NBC, and more that I can't recall. I am in today's Scranton Times as well as yesterday's Philidephia enquirer. also in yesterday's New York Times video. I haven't located any of this, so if you run into any...please send the link on my way!

To be continued...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

And today's Hill-look is...

A floral silk scarf to complement her brown pantsuit!

Tonight we are at the xxxxx Hotel ( yes, I am speaking in code, we are getting in to top secret territory!) in Scranton, PA. We are being put up by the genius of John West. This afternoon, when we arrived in Scranton, we were instructed by this HQ to buzz the Obama rally. This is our kind of campaign headquarters! We did so, which was loads of fun, though there really that many Obama supporter there. Then they suggested we greet Obama himself with his motorcade in our Hillary masks and Hillcar, along side of a group of Hillary supporters with signs. . We did that too, which was a hoot, and the Scranton police making sure we were safe doing so!
Now I am blogging in my make-shift bed in the closet of the xxxx, which we now call the "grotto." If I feel slightly uncomfortable, think of Hillary tonight. Believe it or not, Hillary is sleeping tonight across the street at the zzzzz hotel on the 8th floor, and guess who is sleeping on the 7th floor... that's right..... Barack Obama! Secret service is EVERYWHERE, but not in this closet I'm pretty sure!

Rob Reiner says...

Yesterday Rob Reiner stood by the Hillcar and talked to a few of us about some of the inner workings of this campaign. We Hillary supporters already know that the Republicans want Obama to win the nomination because they feel they can beat him more easily than Hillary. What Rob said that has sent my mind spinning is that the Republicans have already made the Anti-Obama videos, and they are ready to go with them. These videos are not like the videos Hillary's campaign has made. These will be wicked, using Rev Wright, Faricon, the whole enchilada. Really scary stuff!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ho hum, another day on the campaign trail....

Rob Reiner stopped by the car!

...and signed it!

Boston Globe blog article

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. -- Gretchen Baer spent four months pimping her ride, and she created a beauty: The Hillcar, a 1989 Toyota Corolla refashioned into a roving shrine to Hillary Clinton.

Baer, a 45-year-old artist and waitress from Bisbee, Ariz., parked the thing outside Bill Clinton's campaign stops today north of Philadelphia. She plans to drive it around Pennsylvania to draw attention to Clinton ahead of Tuesday's primary. It's a stunt one expects more on Elm Street in Manchester, N.H. than on the backroads of the Keystone State, but such is the nature of the 2008 campaign.

"It works," said Baer, who studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. "It's just another way to get people to think about Hillary."

She was certainly drawing attention -- voters streaming out of the campaign events were stopping to ogle, and shoot photos. Baer also used the car in Arizona and Texas, where, coincidentally or not, Clinton won primaries. For symbolism's sake, Baer better hope the Hillcar -- rickety enough that she had to ship it out here -- keeps running through Tuesday. A stall would not be the imagery she's going for.

I wonder what she is thinking...

This is an interesting photo taken by Kate. Hillary looks pensive, or lost in her own thoughts for a moment. Any guesses?

Today we head just down the street into York for a Hillary rally. We will be doing "visability" for Hill... I guess that's "Hillability".
The Hillcar has had the luxury of her first night alone in her own room! Pam put her in her garage. I think she spent last night with cucumber slices over her eyes, and lots of luxurious face cream! I haven't woken the Hillcar yet, I think she is still sleeping.

Friday, April 18, 2008

"You two are the talk of the town!"

That was Kate's suggestion for today's blog title as it was yelled to us as we climbed into the Hillcar at 7 AM this morning! We did get a fantastic story this morning on the front page of the "Easton Express"! We hit the road for a rally in "Radnor", a place that no-one seemed to have ever heard of... including the H.C. headquarters! It took us 2 and a half hours to get there... and boy was it worth it!
We were told there was no more room inside when we got to the door, and we were put in a small windowless gym and told to watch the rally on a monitor. But as luck would have it, (and lady luck has certainly been our passenger so far on this trip!), we were eventually escorted to reserved seating in the front row next to a senator or something. Hillary came in, shook our hand, and took a back step at our "Hillsuits". She spoke brilliantly, answered questions like no one else could, and had the whole place on fire!

On the way out she signed one of my melmacs, and said she remembered me ... ( I hope that's a good thing!)
We then drove to York were we have been asked to be part of a Hillary rally tomorrow here in York. Right now I am sitting on the porch of a gorgeous old victorian house belonging to Kate's friend, Pam. Pam is treating us to the best cosmos ever, along side of some great appetizers!

I have so many stories to tell, and I don't want to be rude to my guests! But I will close in saying that we are invited by a man by the name of John West, (who works for Hillary and is a friend of Dana Kennedys), to be a part of primary night in Scranton. He says he has been following the story of the Hillcar for months!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just a quick photo that Kate took of Ted Dansen before we head home! We will be leaving early in the morning to go to a rally or two!

Day 3

Today Kate and I are chilling out in Bethlehem at a cafe making our plans. We will be interviewed and photographed this afternoon by the Easton Express. Tonight we will see Wendy and Trina in Bethlehem. Tomorrow morning, early, we've decided to drive to Raynor, PA for a Hillary rally. It starts at 9 AM, and is about 45 minutes away.
From there we will go visit Kate's sister in York, stay the night, and look into what's happening from there.
The rumor is Hilary will be in Allentown on sunday, and everyone around here is very excited about that! But it's not been verified yet.
Didn't Hillary do fantastic last night at the debate? We watched it from "Tally Ho!"
Here's a photo of some random guys with the car...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hammin' it from Helltown to Bedlam!

Another successful day on the campaign trail!

Day 2 on the campaign trail:
Today we went to the Chelsea rally, which was at a "Senior Fest". It was chock full of seniors, who waited patiently through hours of Liberace-style live entertainment.
Ted and Chelsea did eventually speak though, and did a great job!
I met Chelsea after the event and she told me she loved my car. I was happy with that because I didn't tell her it was mine! I guess she figured it wasn't one of the seniors, and Kate was off else-where who would also be an obvious guess!

I met Ted Dansen and he hugged me when I told him I used to teach his daugter at art camp on Martha's Vineyard. In this photo we are talking out the sides of our mouths about M.V.

I got some great close-ups of Chelsea!