Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watching the votes comes in...

We worked the polls all day. Here is our dear new friend, John west, who set us up here at the Radisson. He is a rouge Hillary warrior who was able to collect enough donations to put us all up here at this wonderful hotel. He is a Hillary magic man!
we just got the news, HILLARY WON! we've got to go to the Hilton now to a party thrown by the Rodhams!

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Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Everyone at the Tucson party tonight is so happy that we sent you and the Hillcar to Pennsylvania! You have gotten so much good new attention to Hillary's campaign. And now the Clintons know who you are!! You are the celebrity! So glad that we connected! Call me after you get back to Bisbee. I know you're exhausted!