Monday, April 7, 2008

Obey Hillary Clinton!

Hey look! I got in "Redefine" art magazine! Right across from "Hillary Clinton, by Gretvchen Baer" is "Barack Obama, by Shepard Fairey"! Shepard is famous for his Andre the Giant "Obey" image as well as his recent image of Barack Obama, featured in this article. Yea!

To read the article, go to redefine magazine


kcmustang said...

You go girl! Congrats on the Magazine that is fantastic! I just know you are more then Parker Posey! I wonder if Parker's friends say Gretchen is so you??? Actually i think Catherine's friends day Gretchen is so you!

peace and a thousand wow's

El-Change-O! said...

Truthfully I have walked down the street thinking to myself, "Do I feel more Parker, or more Catherine?" I've decided I feel more Catherine, but let's hope some more votes come in so we can get this party started!
I definitely consider myself lucky to have the time to contemplate these dumb, ah I mean very important, things!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Wow, you are becoming more famous every day! An article in a magazine! Hope Hillary sees it.

No, you are Parker Posey! she's darling - just like you!!!

kcmustang said...

This is cracking me up.... do you all personnally know Parker Posey or something? I like Parker Posey, she is great. Never has the voting been so adamant and unwavering. Ms. Posey must live in Arizona or somethin. Well, GB at least you know what i am talkin bout with CK and besides..."she makes paints plates" ...and cars

love23 said...

WOW GB Shepard Fairie! That's a cool partner artist to have on the page with you! I just returned from Tucson, and I got to see GOLDEN BOOTS (and they are GREAT!) at the Grille, before heading back to town. Just got back 10 minutes ago, and I had to take the back way to my house as a power line was knocked dangling by a truck and there was all sorts of commosion! What's happening lately here in Bisbee! I'll call you in the later morning!