Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Rodhams Victory party

Here's a few photos from the Rodham's party at the Hilton last night.

This is Kate with Hugh and Tony Rodham, Hillary's brothers.

Her I am with Tony Rodham. He said he would like me to make him a Hillsuit to wear to the Convention!

Here is John West, and Larry. Larry is a young Hillary volunteer who has worked really hard here in Scranton, and LOVES Hillary!

Other important people...

This is Deb, with another new friend Peggy. Deb was our roommate here in Scranton, and now our good friend.
Nonone told her she had two roomates, and when she walked in her room to find us and my Hillary-decorated "bedroom" in the closet, she really took it in stride! Kate and I adore her!

This is Pam, she hosted us in York and just like I feel with Deb, I have found a new fantastic friend for life! Pam has been sending me all the links to all the Hillcar articles from this trip...thanks Pam!

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love23 said...

This all seems so very long ago! But I am filled with creative forces from all the positive energy! I have a feeling you will be moving on to the next primary after NC without coming home. I just get that psychic feeling. I realized I left my good luck Virgin de Guadalupe in it! That camo jacket can be used for camo HILLARY volunteers with her mask, maybe?