Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another successful day on the campaign trail!

Day 2 on the campaign trail:
Today we went to the Chelsea rally, which was at a "Senior Fest". It was chock full of seniors, who waited patiently through hours of Liberace-style live entertainment.
Ted and Chelsea did eventually speak though, and did a great job!
I met Chelsea after the event and she told me she loved my car. I was happy with that because I didn't tell her it was mine! I guess she figured it wasn't one of the seniors, and Kate was off else-where who would also be an obvious guess!

I met Ted Dansen and he hugged me when I told him I used to teach his daugter at art camp on Martha's Vineyard. In this photo we are talking out the sides of our mouths about M.V.

I got some great close-ups of Chelsea!


Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Wow, you are a true celebrity now! Bill and Hillary and Chelsea and now Ted! Wowser!!!

kcmustang said...

...i guess i should be at the point that nothing should surprise me.... "you use to teach Ted Dansen's daughter at Art Camp"...I think you were a celebrity then and now. They are happy to me YOU! That has to feel good. You have some great pics here....thanx