Saturday, April 26, 2008

How much do I love Hillary?

This much!

I just bought 50 Hillary masks! They should be arriving in Boone, NC on Tuesday! That's another 850 bucks on my creditcard... come on Hill-sponsers!
I can't wait to see all 50 masks worn with 50 pantsuits... it's going to be heaven! The Hillarys are indeed coming! Look out North Carolina, if your not in love with Hillary will be very soon! Check it out... The Hillarys are coming! !


love23 said...

WOW Gretchen, I thought they might give you a break on the price, since you purchased 50! I can't wait to see photos of that for sure. Just sorry I won't be there to wear one! I think you and the HILLCAR and the masks, will be just the shot of juju to turn North Carolina around, man they don't know what they are dealing with down there, when the HILLCAR magic comes to a state, it's a force to be dealt with!

El-Change-O! said...

They gave me 25% off if I bought there entire stock, which I did! I can't wait for when the Hillarys do their calisthenics before rallies!

love23 said...

Do you have to work again tonight! Leigh wants us to visit, I know you must be exhausted, hope you can sleep all day today! I am bursting with HILLARY creativity, and all related to her and art! Wow they should market the rally power of Hillary for all good things! Can't wait until she's MADAME PRESIDENT!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!! Gretchen, you are the greatest!!! I had a blast riding with you wearing a mask in the Hillary Car in Scranton. I wish I could see you and all of the Hillary's in NC. Alas, I will be working for HRC in Indiana. Who knows, maybe you can get up there too!!!!