Friday, April 11, 2008

How long has it been?

It seems like such a long time ago since we first began the H.C.A. We had our first H.C.A. party... ah, I mean meeting. in February of 07,( is that right?) on Chili's birthday. So much has happened since then! Soon Kate and I will be heading off to PA for perhaps our biggest Hillary push from the H.C.A. ( with lots of help from Arizonans for Hillary)! But who knows, maybe we will find more occasions to get back on the campaign trail and work for Hillary! I hope so! There's still a lot of primaries to go!


Flying Mermaid said...

Damn, I wish I could make the picture bigger!

love23 said...

What happened to the Diarrhea Roses post, I didn't get to watch the video.

El-Change-O! said...

I need to know how to make the pic bigger! D Roses, only up for a moment, the quality was too bad.
Slacking on my blogging today!

Tour Wonk said...

I love that pic of THe HCA Crew!!!! We fucking rock!!!!

See you in PA!!!!