Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thoughts of the day

First of all, the Hillcar made it safe and sound to PA this afternoon! Kate's mom, Dot Pearson is guardian of the Hillcar this week!
I spent the day cleaning my house because I decided to throw a Birthday party for my friend Sally tomorrow. My house is a perpetual dump, so I decided to call the party " Glamour and garbage", that way I don't have to stress about cleaning! I supply the garbage, they supply the glamour...( I'll admit to having a splash of glamour covered!)
I used all the garbage bags I collected for decoration... pretty smart, huh? Now my glamourous friends can "slum it" in style!
Here's a few rare pics of my house!


kcmustang said...

I see no garbage in these pics but I dig the theme idea. How lucky Sally is to be your friend. I just want to sit and absorb all your creativity.... your home is amazing. Oh so many questions for Merlin..ha.. AND is that Hillary on a candle ... how cool is that!...the sacred heart of Hillary! I am glad Sally was born because of her we get to see your home. Have a good time at your "trashy" party.

love23 said...

WOW GB you did a great job! It looks much larger and sparkly! Pick you up in 25 minutes!

Tour Wonk said...

Bitches!! Throwing a freakin' party without me!!!! I love you girls!!! I miss you!!!!!

El-Change-O! said...

Missing you all back! wishing you all were at this shindig! G