Friday, October 31, 2008

Gabby Giffords visits Hillary Clinton Island!

Oh crap! I forgot that if Gabby played on the H.C. Island with us, then she would probably check out this blog and know all about "Operation Gabby Giffords".
Well, she did indeed take a trip to our island tonight, and she dressed accordingly!

So in case you read this Gabby, you'll be hip to the fact the the H.C.A. will be trying to work in some good photo Ops tomorrow while phone banking.
We hate phone banking, we love picture taking. But these are desperate times so we'll make a few phone calls.

Congresswoman Gabby Giffords on Hillary Clinton Island?

My assignment for today: Operation Giffords.
Let's see if we can get Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to come to Hillary Clinton Island.
She is in town today, so I'm going to see if she's willing to play with us.

My assignment for tomorrow: Operation Giffords part 2

H.C.A. /Giffords Photo OP!
The Bisbee Obama phone bank is being kicked off tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 1st noon till 3 PM at the Hitchcock Law office, next to grassy park.
Who's kicking it off? Gabby, of-course! What's not to love about Gabby?
Be there at noon, camera ready. Bring a cell phone. I think we need a "Hillary Clinton Army phone banks for Obama with Gabby Giffords" photo. Don't you?
So please be there by noon!

Phone banking sucks! Photo Op-ing rocks!

Louise BUSTED!

Surprise, surprise, Louise has gone off the deep end again! I just got word she is locked up in a Mexican prison for trying to smuggle massive quantities of "black ice" into an ACDC concert.

Only Louise could get locked up in Mexico for smuggling drugs into a show in Chicago. But I can never really keep up with that girl, so I probably have my facts wrong.

Lately I've been trying to make heads or tails of e-mail like these:

"Damn why is it so windy here? I thought I could blow hard "hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha." Here in Chicago for tomorrows show.Last night was great,but I don't remember much,I saw a train,a cartoon and the devil then pasted out,when I woke up I was here. XOXO L.M."

Anyways, last I saw her she was completely WASTED on Hillary Clinton Island. But now she's in the Mexican clink, go figure.

Louise now seems to have some time on her hands, and it seems she bribed a Mexican drag queen into smuggling a computer into her cell. So check it out, folks, looks like we've got a new trashy, scathing "Louise tells-all" blog on our hands!

Louise rocks the world!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton Island, The book

Hey everybody, Charlene and I just published "Hillary Clinton Island", the book. It costs me 10 bucks a book to make. I ordered 20 books. We got a special deal, and the price is going up substancially on November 5th if I need to order more. One of these books is going to Hillary, of-course.
Check out this link and let me know if you want one. If enough people do, I'll order more before the 5th.

Hillary Clinton Island

Also, we are already beginning plans for next years party. Start saving your money because we are going to the real, physical Hillary Clinton Island this time, not just the one in our minds!

Sarah Ferguson, I owe you one. Actually, I owe you alot more than that, but I hope one will work for now!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obama Bus rocks!

The Obama bus was created by Leah Landrum Taylor, who is the State Senator of Phoenix. Leah says that she heard McCain say on T.V. that Arizona is "his turf" and that he basically has it in the bag. She got so disgusted by him that she dreamed up
"The Obama bus". She relies completely on donations and gets no money from the campaign. She is determined to show McCain that Arizona his not "his" turf, it's OUR turf. She dreamed up the bus 5 weeks ago, and since then has taken it to all but two counties in Arizona, and over 50 towns. Leah rocks!
She and I hit it off big-time, and she called me her "soul sister". She recognized that I did a similar thing with the Hillcar, and said the Hillcar "made her day".

She has a few devoted helpers on board. Like this lady, who says she hasn't gotten any sleep in weeks. She says pure adrenaline and excitement for what they are doing in keeping her going.

I followed the caravan from Bisbee to Douglas, and took this picture while passing the bus.

At the Bisbee rally, Mark and Highwell made the scene. I think Mark should be here-in called 'Obama boy".

Some of our own H.C.A. was at the Bisbee rally as well.

The Bisbee rally

The Douglas rally was really sweet.

But my Donkey-ear hats off goes to Leah, who's excitement and vision is, I think, single-handedly bringing up Obama's numbers in Arizona.

We are now only 2 points behind. Keep it going, Leah and we're sure to beat McCain in his home state!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A cautionary tale: Don't vote for Geezer and the Dingbat!

The Obama bus

The Obama bus is coming to Bisbee tomorrow! 11 AM at City Park.

The H.C.I. ferry will be leaving Hillary Clinton Island tomorrow at dawn so we can all be in Bisbee to greet the bus.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton Island Temple dance

Taken by Charlene

Arizona for Obama!

Arizona Dems are only 4 points behind the Republican's in McCain's home state. Why, I think Arizona is turning blue! Let's all work as hard as we can to make it happen in this election.

Read this:
McCain sucking in his home state

How about this... Alaska for Obama?
Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama

Great photos of Hillary Clinton Island, by Charlene Mitchell

Many thanks to our Hillary Clinton Island hostess, Emily ( in foreground) . Thanks Emily!

Charlene is a Bisbee new-comer, and amazing photographer. Check out more of her work at:

A letter from Hillary Clinton

My new address on Hillary Clinton Island

I have decided to move to Hillary Clinton Island. If you send me a letter, be sure to add " Forward to Hillary Clinton Island" on the envelope.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton Island... A dream come true

We all had an amazing day on Hillary Clinton Island. It was totally dreamy.
I hated to have to leave. I'm tired now, but here's a few shots I took from the Island. I'll have more coming soon.
Have Hillary dreams everyone!

Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton!

Happy Hillary's Birthday everybody! We're getting ready to set sail for "Hillary Clinton Island", and I hope you are too!
There's a light glittery snow falling here, but it's sunny and warm. The fauns are nibbling fresh buds off the trees, and whales are jumping in anticipation of the big day. I spoke with one whale this morning who says it's going to be a fun day on Hillary Clinton Island.

Well, gotta go! See you on the Island!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mood piece: I'll blow you a kiss in the wind

Tomorrow is Hillary Clinton's Birthday!

Hillary has sent me a special letter to read at the party, for real. For those of you who can't celebrate with us tomorrow, I will post the letter here on Monday.

Don't forget, Hillary is working hard to win back the White House for the Dems, If you love the Hillster, VOTE OBAMA!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Birthday, Sunday Oct. 26th

This is a day to celebrate the awesomeness that we call Hillary. If you can't make the party, I hope you toast her with a glass of champagne where ever you are.

Carol Burnett goes to Hillary Clinton Island

The legend of Hillary Clinton Island

When day breaks on Sunday, Oct 26th, Hillary Clinton Island shall rise out of the desert, and when the sun sets, it shall disappear into the setting sun..

Hillary herself will have a special message for us on Sunday! For real!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008