Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obama Bus rocks!

The Obama bus was created by Leah Landrum Taylor, who is the State Senator of Phoenix. Leah says that she heard McCain say on T.V. that Arizona is "his turf" and that he basically has it in the bag. She got so disgusted by him that she dreamed up
"The Obama bus". She relies completely on donations and gets no money from the campaign. She is determined to show McCain that Arizona his not "his" turf, it's OUR turf. She dreamed up the bus 5 weeks ago, and since then has taken it to all but two counties in Arizona, and over 50 towns. Leah rocks!
She and I hit it off big-time, and she called me her "soul sister". She recognized that I did a similar thing with the Hillcar, and said the Hillcar "made her day".

She has a few devoted helpers on board. Like this lady, who says she hasn't gotten any sleep in weeks. She says pure adrenaline and excitement for what they are doing in keeping her going.

I followed the caravan from Bisbee to Douglas, and took this picture while passing the bus.

At the Bisbee rally, Mark and Highwell made the scene. I think Mark should be here-in called 'Obama boy".

Some of our own H.C.A. was at the Bisbee rally as well.

The Bisbee rally

The Douglas rally was really sweet.

But my Donkey-ear hats off goes to Leah, who's excitement and vision is, I think, single-handedly bringing up Obama's numbers in Arizona.

We are now only 2 points behind. Keep it going, Leah and we're sure to beat McCain in his home state!


love23 said...

That was fun today, I'd like to see the group shot of all that attended, posted here too!

El-Change-O! said...

I can do that!

chew-mee said...

Sorry we no come,Miss Jess sleep allllllll day with head cold.And I had go 2 Chicago to help Louise wit horn implants 4 tomorrow nights show,be home soon I hope........dat monkey is out of control !

Flying Mermaid said...


bisbee stitches said...

2 points is nothin! we can do it!

good pictures , btw

chew-mee said...

Frank in Bisbee,Az October 30th, 2008 10:06 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
"The McCainchurian Candidate" needs to have "Joe The Planted Plumber" stick a plunger in "Caribou Barbie Palin" and stop all that fecal matter spewing from her mouth.Only problem is where are they going to find a plunger big enough to fit? Word is Az is going blue this time Johnny boy ! So pack it in and go to one of your 7 homes with "Cindy the Pill Popper" as long as it's not in Arizona,even we don't want you here anymore after that sleazy campaign you have run.I have never heard a more disgusting Robocall like the one I got last night.You should be ashamed of your self,and you say your a man of honor? HA !

Let's see if CNN will post this one,LOL

Anonymous said...

That's one thing that hit home yesterday listening to Leah of the Obama Bus. The excitement is real, positive, and it comes from the heart. That makes everyone feel good and get excited too.
The McCain campaign is one of hate-mongering and fear. Negativity, blame, and desperate name-calling.It doesn't bring joy, it just gets people angry.

I know some Hillary supporters who went to the McCain side. They seem like they're carrying around a big bag of shit, which, surprise, surprise, doesn't bring them one bit of happiness.
I like the stuff that makes you feel like dancing.

Jess said...

Soory to have missed it. Looked like a good time. See you at work...

Jess said...

LOL, Sorry I can't spell either. I blame the head cold...