Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tick tock...

It's almost time to celebrate!

Rock on, sister Golden hair!

Big news Monday

The big "Hillary of State" news will be coming down the pike tomorrow! Ya hoo!


Plans for the Hillary Clinton Army International Part-tay copter and Air bus are currently under way. Looks like we'll be flying in style!

Many thanks to Chew-mee and Louise for these great designs!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doug Stanhope Celebrity endorsement

Today's Hillary Clinton Army celebrity endorsement comes from Comedy Central comedienne DOUG STANHOPE!
When he isn't traveling the world horrifying and delighting people, he makes his home here in Bisbee, AZ. He is truly one of the most brilliant comics in the world, (and I'm not just saying that because he gave us an endorsement!) So check him out!

"The Hillary Clinton Army is possibly the most formidable military force in recent history, eclipsing both the Kiss and Salvation Army in scope, grit and tenacity. More-so, the HCA harbors at it's center the very power brokers who control the destinies of man. It's tentacles reach into every branch of governments both domestic and abroad, influence most major decisions in the World Bank & International Monetary Fund and work the World Trade Organization like a skilled puppet-master. The Bilderberg Group fetches their coffee and the Illuminati shines their jackboots.

It is only out of a shuddering, debilitating fear for the well-being of myself and my family as well as the future of mankind that I give my humble endorsement to the HCA and to all that it does on this Earth."

Douglas Stanhope

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hillary of State

Hillary of State, takes a break.

When's the big announcement?

Uh-hem... we're waiting over here! I for one, have not forgotten that Barrack said AFTER November 27th, and it's now Officially AFTER Thanksgiving. This had better not be another one of those "3 AM" stunts!
I wonder where in the world we will be traveling to first? I hope it's somewhere nice!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Nothing is new under the sun", or "Doing my part for economic stimulus"

The other day, on an excursion to Tucson, I happened by a magical wonderland of fluff called "Forever 21".
Window after window of manequins displaying bright psychedelic 60's style fashions danced before my eyes. When I finally reached the entrance of this canvernous clothing candyland, I could no longer resist... I wandered in.
The music, a modern day tribute to 80's rockers like "Souxsie and the Banshees" done ala techno, had everyone in a feeding frenzy.
By everyone, I mean countless 20 year old girls and me, the 45 year old "ex-lover of Stevie Nicks".
I imagine these girls thought the music and the fashions were something new, but every scrap in that store is a direct rip-off from the 60's.
Groovy psychedelic tights in every imaginable pattern and color, boots that look like they belonged to Nancy Sinatra, dresses that looked like they came out of Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe in "Cleopatra", gold statues in go-go dresses in rooms painted purple and orange, a veritable garden of delights priced between 5 to 30 bucks.

Lost in a Mama Cass daydream, I had this moment of reflection...

Nothing is truly new or unique anymore. Everything borrows from the past in one way or another. Everything is a tribute to something else. The best we can hope for is to rearrange the elements in new and innovative ways.
This brings me back to H.C.A. INTERNATIONAL. We, the Art Ambassadors for Hillary Clinton, are clearly borrowing heavily from so many elements, most of which come from the 60's. But even the 60's borrowed from history.
Using art, fashion, technology,and humor, we may be on the path to rearranging the elements once again to create something rich and strange, or atleast entertaining. We don't even have to travel the globe to be effective, the next city over is just as good a place to startle and amaze!
I feel an H.C.A. field trip coming on!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This bird you cannot change

It's almost Thanksgiving so I figure I should give thanks today, and party my ass off tomorrow.

This photo is from my "Stevie Nicks rocker years". From those hazy years I wrote the autobiographical book, "Flying High with Stevie Nicks". I was really a mess back then, but it made me who I am today. As they say, "if it doesn't break you, it will make you".

I'd like to give my thanks to Stevie in the form of a song....

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.
But, if I stayed here with you, girl,
Things just couldn't be the same.
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I can't change.

More Clinton and Obama conversations

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

H.C.A. Q and A


As the Hillary Clinton Army bravely marches on into a new dawn of International Diplomacy, each of us must take pause and ask ourselves this important question...
"What's in it for me?"
What do I get out of being a member of the H.C.A. besides a stunning new wardrobe, world travel, invitations to the best parties on earth, international celebrity, and global applause?
I'd like address your concerns, and answer your questions.
But first I feel I must remind you that it's not what you GET that's important, but what you RECEIVE that truly matters.

Q. Are we really going to have to visit all those war torn countries?

A. First of all, let me say I understand your concerns about visiting a war torn country. Scary, dangerous, out of our league. Here I simply say to you, "Let go and let Hillary".
We must trust in Hillary to handle these difficult situations, and simply stay out of the way.
Our brand of diplomacy shines in a more relaxed atmosphere, and I think Hillary would agree.

Q. How on earth will we, the Hillary Clinton Army, be privy to Hillary's International travel schedule?

A. Well, to be honest, we probably won't.
This is where our H.C.A. ingeniousness is at it's zenith.
My answer to you here is, who cares?
Hillary doesn't ACTUALLY have to be in Paris, Vienna, or Barcelona for her team of Official art ambassadors to be there for her doing what we do best!
So on that note, start packing your bags! Question and answer period is over!

Barack stops to wonder

Monday, November 24, 2008

Harrod Blank Celebrity endorsement

Here's an H.C.A. celebrity endorsement I received today from Harrod Blank.
Writer, artist, photographer, and documentary photographer, Harrod is the undisputed all-time king of art cars! Just ask ANY art car artist.
His now classic documentary "Wild Wheels" continues to pave the way for aspiring artists. I'm just one of the many artists who will tell you "Wild Wheels" was the beginning of a life-long journey with art cars.
Harrod's phenomenal new documentary,Automorphosis, will be coming out soon!
Thanks for the endorsement, Harrod!

"I would like to applaud the efforts of Gretchen Baer and what she has accomplished with the Hillary Clinton Army. What began as expression of her ideology on her car, the "Hill car", eventually connected a nationwide web of supporters. It was very impressive to watch this. Being a specialist of the Art Car Medium, it does take extra guts to express a political opinion on a car, more so than an artistic one. I've known it for years, the power of an Art Car, but Gretchen proves through the "Hill Car" that an Art Car does have the power to influence others and make a real difference in the world. I am looking forward to seeing where the "Hill Car" will take us all. Kudos to Gretchen for being the driver of this wild ride".

Harrod Blank
Art Car World

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here's the plan...

1. Create killer uniforms.
2. Make great rock videos of H.C.A. in said killer uniforms.
3. Save money.
4. Travel to yet-to-be disclosed foreign location where Hillary meets world leader. Bring easy-access painting supplies.
5. Everyone paint Hillary meeting yet-to-be disclosed world leader.
6. Go home and go back to step 3. Remember to sell painting to help finance next trip.
7. Return to step 4.
8. Continue these steps for the next 8 years.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tomorrow is here today.

Hillary Clinton Army International,
Tomorrow is here today.

Jet boy, Jet girl!

I'm going to be late for work but needed to quickly blog and ask you all a question.
I wonder if you've asked yourself this same thing....
"Where is my jet pack"?

As a kid, I was convinced this was going to be a sure thing in the future. Watching Will Robinson hover around on "Lost in Space", I was told it wouldn't be long until everyone had one.

These would have been a great asset for "HILLARY CLINTON ARMY INTERNATIONAL"! Now that Hillary is the new Secretary of State, we'll be doing a lot of traveling. Jet packs would have been just the thing... but no.

And I could really uses one right now because, oops! I gotta go!

Friday, November 21, 2008

She's the new Secretary of State!

Go Hillary!

Duck, duck, turkey...


Hillary Clinton, New Secretary of state.


Arizona's Janet Napolitano, New Homeland Security.


Sarah Palin. In charge of this year's turkey.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton Army International

It's true, we're going INTERNATIONAL!
Here's some footage to get the gears rolling....

First stop, the Kremlin!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tune in, tune out and drop out!

Some of the H.C.A.... Roxanne, Julia and I.... are doing a live radio show tonight. 7 PM to 9 PM Arizona time.
Tonight's subject is movie sound tracks.
Catch a ride on our live streaming here....

Bisbee radio

Don't forget to call in and ask us dumb questions!
Such as, why would I delve into this awful movie?

Julia, in a pensive moment.

Louise Monkey a no-show!

Agent Louise the sock monkey was a no-show for the H.C.A. meeting last night. It appears from her blog that she may be in the midst of a bender. She was last spotted at St. Elmos's bar stealing the dregs from people's drinks.

Sketches for the NEW H.C.A. look

Here are some sketches a few of the H.C.A. drew up last night for new uniform ideas. We need to pack light, and uniforms must be utilitarian yet awesome. Hillary must be impressed when she sees us in Moscow.
Like, oh crap, isn't that the H.C.A. coming our way?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Important issues for the H.C.A.

An e-mail from H.C.A. member, Mo...

OMG luggage!!! Always the building block to an underground empire!!! I mean how can you carry a runway quality pantsuit in just any old bag??? You simply can't. So this is a very important issue for the H.C.A. to discuss with out a delay!
P.S. Should I bring some swatches?

Hillary as Secretary of State....Almost a done deal?

Ya hoo! I think it's almost a done deal!

Hillary as Secretary of State

Monday, November 17, 2008

Possible Hillary Clinton Army fashions?

On the other hand.... maybe not.
Back to the drawing board!

The latest dirt...

Up to date on the Mama Cass daydream....

H.C.A. blogster friend K.C. MUSTANG is coming to Bisbee today. She is actually driving a red mustang. She sent me this footage from the road.

In honor of K.C. Mustang.... let's have an H.C.A. meeting tomorrow, Tuesday night, 7 PM at the Copper Queen. We need to work on designing our new uniforms, and discuss luggage.
I will bring drawing paper, and art supplies. However, if you wish to bring any along, that would be great.

In my opinion...

It's my opinion, that back in June when Barack Obama and Hillary held a Top Secret meeting at Hillary's D.C. home, they secretly hatched the plan for Hillary to become Secretary of State. This explains why Hillary was never vetted for V.P., much to the chagrin of most of us Hillary supporters.

I think that the combination Obama, Biden, and Hillary will be amazing, and great things are going to happen in these coming years. I predict we'll hear word that Hillary will be our new Secretary of State very soon.
An this makes me feel, well.... GROOVY!

Looks like we're living in a Mama Cass daydream after all!

Guilty pleasures

This blog has recently been called "the guilty pleasure of the P.U.M.A.'s", but now it seems that it's also the guilty pleasure of Louise the sock monkey.
I feel honored!

Check out the full story at:
Louise Monkey's blog

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Strawberry Alarmclock Sunday

Sunday... and I hope everyone is kicking it in style. Relaxing on a velvet pillow, friends laying about on tapestry rugs... listening to music, feathers floating in the air, nothing doing .... that kind of thing.
It's all about purple crushed velvet for me today!
Sha la la...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hillary rainbow

Here's a quick slide show from my collection of a zillion photos I took of Hillary on the campaign trail....
I hope you dig the groovy organ music!

Art Ambassador to the Secretary of State?

Art Ambassador to the Secretary of State? I'll have to think about it I'll do it!
This will mean a lot of traveling and I hate to travel alone... so start packing your bags!
While packing I suggest you think "Light and Kicky" !
I think both men and women can take a tip from "The Avengers" when it comes to fashion.

Simple, ultilitarian, classic yet futuristic, mod and elegant.

Plan on sketching foreign dignitaries constantly, so I think a trip to Pearl paint or Dick Blick is in order.

We need to have a meeting to discuss luggage.

The H.C.A. must be at the ready for Hillary's every beck and call without a moment's hesitation.

Let's take a moment to re-examine this trashy 1970's video, so we are all clear on what NOT TO DO in the presence of foreign dignitaries.
Feather boas are definitely OUT!

In the meantime,
let us not forget about our quest for CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS!

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a sunshine day!

It's true! Hillary Clinton met with Barack Obama on Thursday to discuss her role in the new administration. She's under consideration for Secretary of State. Groovy!
It makes me feel kinda like this....

Whether she accepts or not, I'm glad she has been asked.

Kids of the H.C.A.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

H.C.A. endorsement from Venus DeMars

Out first CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT from internationally-acclaimed rocker,

"I've known Gretchen for some time now, and know how vital she is, and I also hold Hillary in high esteem!! I think Gretchen's ongoing support of Hillary through her run for presidency and now for her continued political pursuits are wonderful! I'm hopeful that Hillary can stay on track with her vision she's set for herself, and for us. I think Gretchen's H.C.A is just the thing needed to help this along! LUCK!! " -Venus DeMars

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton Army meeting, minutes

Louise Sock monkey came completely prepared for our first meeting as the NEW H.C.A. tonight.
She brought graphs, pie-charts, shopping lists, and agenda.
I, Big Brass, failed to do all of the above, and I think Louise was a little embarrassed for me. So she basically took over.

Louise called the meeting to order, as she saw how unprepared I was. She took attendance too.

Once we got back into the groove, we actually got quite a bit of drinking, I mean, work accomplished.

We decided on our "new look" for the NEW H.C.A. It's somewhere between The Avengers and Star Trek. Mod yet futuristic.

We decided we need a celebrity endorsement from Tina Louise,
( Ginger from Gilligan's Island).

Amulets are a must. Gun-metal grey will be in.

We have endorsement possibilities with Chastity Bono.

... And much, much more!

No parking in the Hillspot, baby!

Today I finally told some young buck in an R.V. to quit parking in the Hillspot. For the last few weeks, every time I went out for an hour or so, this guy, who must have been lying in wait, would come and grab the Hillspot.
Well, enough, I told him today. NO PARKING IN THE HILLSPOT!

Am I being unreasonable?

Hillary Clinton Army, Up To Date

We are having an H.C.A. meeting tonight, (Tuesday) at 7 PM, at the Copper Queen in Bisbee. Come on down, get your drink on, and sign the book we're sending to Hillary tomorrow.
On the CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT front, we've got H.C.A. spies on the job. Two endorsements are in the works. We still need to write to Shirley Jones though, she's one tough nut to crack. Secret Agent Louise, do you think your up for this delicate task?


Louise's response:

Louise sock monkey

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mexican field trip

What is the point of doing anything if you can't blog about it?
This afternoon we went down to Mexico and went on a graveyard photo spree.
I wish I could have captured the sounds. Roosters, kids, church bells, an icecream truck, dogs, and something that sounded like elephants trumpeting.
Anyways, we had fun.