Saturday, November 15, 2008

Art Ambassador to the Secretary of State?

Art Ambassador to the Secretary of State? I'll have to think about it I'll do it!
This will mean a lot of traveling and I hate to travel alone... so start packing your bags!
While packing I suggest you think "Light and Kicky" !
I think both men and women can take a tip from "The Avengers" when it comes to fashion.

Simple, ultilitarian, classic yet futuristic, mod and elegant.

Plan on sketching foreign dignitaries constantly, so I think a trip to Pearl paint or Dick Blick is in order.

We need to have a meeting to discuss luggage.

The H.C.A. must be at the ready for Hillary's every beck and call without a moment's hesitation.

Let's take a moment to re-examine this trashy 1970's video, so we are all clear on what NOT TO DO in the presence of foreign dignitaries.
Feather boas are definitely OUT!

In the meantime,
let us not forget about our quest for CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS!

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movie buff said...

it seems like, if Hillary becomes the Sec. State, then there will be some serious personality and agenda conflict between her and Obama