Friday, November 21, 2008

Duck, duck, turkey...


Hillary Clinton, New Secretary of state.


Arizona's Janet Napolitano, New Homeland Security.


Sarah Palin. In charge of this year's turkey.


Jess said...

Congrats Hillary and Janet... Sarah it seems wild life is always dying when your around :(

Louise Slut Monkey said...

Geez listen to that turkey shriek...Oh that's just Sarah tailking,never mind.

Roxane Slaughter said...

I can't believe they are slaughtering turkeys behind her! How disgusting!

sandrawade said...

(How sad for the turkeys, to be treated so ignominiously and cruelly.)

I recommend a wonderful PBS special - The Natural History of the Chicken. One of its 5 or 6 segments shows a family who raises chickens respectfully and kindly. Eventually when they are killed they were treated as gently and as quickly as possible. Then the chicken is thanked as it provides food for the family that reared it.

The other segments are happier and some are hilarious.