Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where's Gabby?

Congresswoman Giffords was a no-show today at the phone bank. Bummer, we spent hours waiting for her arrival.

Apparently the folks from who offices we were in, didn't appreciate us drinking their sodas,

and mugging with their mugs,

so we made the Hillcar our Official Barack Obama/Gabby Giffords phone banking office.

I was forced to make a bunch of calls,

but as soon as I found out Gabby wasn't coming...

I was out of there!

O.K., now it's your turn to get your phone banking on!


Charlene Mitchell said...

I was assigned 4 pages of folks in the most conservative & bigoted area....starts with a "W" and that's all I'm gonna say. Still, I got a handful of "hail yeah we're voting for Obama, Giffords, and the rest of the Dems"....made it a worthwhile couple of hours.

Thanks for the use of the Hillcar....was a trip to be making calls while tourists photographed it and gawked.

Anonymous said...

At the sinister urging of the liberal establishment media, America has loaded a gun and pressed the barrel to its temple. But it hasn't pulled the trigger.Despite what the Obamunist media would have you believe, it ain't over until it's over.Obama's ACORN thugs are going to have to cheat like wildfire to guarantee a win.

Anonymous said...

OOH....we've got ourselves a heckler!

Anonymous said...

Along comes a person with Hussein as a middle name, is supported by Middle East terror groups, has no respect for the Constitution, will tax the crap out of everyone, and half of America's voters may elect him.

This really is an alternate universe. I expect to see the Mad Hatter any moment.

El-Change-O! said...

We actually had fun phone-banking today, well, not so much the actual phone-calling part, but everything around it was a blast.
The phone bank needs help till the election, so hop on down to yer local phone bank...
It's now or never!

Jess said...

Oh the power of the blog...

MorganJane said...

I remember seeing the car in Louisville, KY. I am shocked that anyone that supported Clinton would vote for Obama after everything that happened (may 31 did it for me)... even support the smearing of John McCain (hillary's dear friend). And support the sexist attacks on Gov. Palin, she is much more moderate and more experienced than Obama. No one would be better than Hillary but John McCain is at least qualified and Obama is not. Hillary has to support Obama and say it... or she would be booted out of NY! We have minds of our own and don't have to listen to her. Following Hillary blindly is just as bad as following Obama blindly. Obama winning is death the Democratic Party, at least the traditional one. I don't even know if Obama is a progressive, he just played that to beat Hillary...what is he empty suit, a puppet? I am not being rude, really, just curious if any Hillary supporters have discovered any redeeming qualities in this man?
P.S. Obama has killed any hope for Hillary being Pres. all moderate Dems who voted for her in places like KY and WV won't again after she backed Obama. Republicans were ready to vote Hillary over Mccain.. too late now.

El-Change-O! said...

The reason I started the Hillary Clinton Army was an attempt to do something about the mess we are making of our planet.
Obama and Hillary share the same goal of Planetary healing. Hillary isn't our nominee, Obama is. Since their goals are the same, I'm there. 100%.
If we get a filibuster proof majority of Dems in the White House, we may actually be able to make the changes we need to make to improve our world.
I'm very excited about that.
I'm also excited that Hillary will be there, working for us, making these dreams a reality.
I admire her all the more, for putting herself aside and getting in their to work and to fight for these common goals.
It's an exciting time for America.
Revolution, baby! Count me in!

Anonymous said...

"Planetary healing"? Please!!, educate yourself so you don't sound like just another brain-dead Moonbat

Here is a good place to start:

El-Change-O! said...

It's funny, if I don't like a blog, I simply choose not to read it.
This blog is Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama,
and Pro-Planetary healing. So if you don't like it...