Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New techniques for Pantsuit Printmaking

Today I thought I'd try new technique of making Pantsuit prints.
Instead of having people cover themselves in paint and lay down on canvas, (which was a ridiculously fun to do, but produced mediocre results at best) I decided to go with another plan.
This time I quickly covered the Pantsuit jacket in paint, then threw down the canvas on top.
I then squashed the canvas down to get as much paint on it as possible.
Here are some of the results...

I am naming each Pantsuit Print after the jacket it was printed from.
This Pantsuit print is called "Alfred Dunner".



Claus 2

Mary Kay

These still need a lot of perfecting, but I think I might be onto something!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pantsuit Printmaking Project Preview

Printmaking has been around since the first caveman plastered his muddy hand on the cave wall to say "I was here". 
Pantsuit Printmaking hasn't been around quite as long, but the sentiment is still the same.

Here's a sneak preview of the "Pantsuit Printmaking Project" we did this afternoon...

I'll be posting the Pantsuit Prints and the full story soon!

Pantsuit Printmaking today!

Hey kids, don't forget to come by City Park in Bisbee at 3 Pm today for some live Pantsuit Printmaking... where you'll be the stamps!

If you don't live in Bisbee, check back tonight for the fun photo results of these "high art" shenanigans!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Pantsuit Promenade

Fall is here and it's got me to thinking about a Pantsuit Promenade.
Everybody loves a promenade... young people, old people, cats, dogs, babies, horses, giraffes and oh, just about everybody.

               Max Beckman's "Promenade"

                 Marc Chagall's "Promenade"

       August Macke's "A Stroll on the Bridge"

Don't you feel a Pantsuit Promenade coming on?
I definitely do!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pantsuit Printmaking Workshop

What do you get when you mix Pantsuits, paint, canvas and YOU?

Pantsuit Prints, of-course!
Pantsuit print-making is scheduled  for 3 PM Monday at City Park in Bisbee, AZ.
If you want to be a Pantsuit stamp, you need to wear black pants that can be sacrificed to the cause. 
I'll supply the Pantsuit jackets, if you don't have one. 
Please read the fine print.


 represent that I amphysicallysoundandhavemedical approval toparticipatei Hillary Clitnon Armyt Association(), UnitedStatesDragonBoat 

Federation(theUSDBF), andSelf-HelpfortheElderly("Self-Help")dragonboat relatedevents, tournaments, andpractices, andrelatedassociationevents(the 

"Activities"). I have recently sought and received a medical examination that determined that it is safe for me to participate in the extreme physical exertion 

involvedintheActivities. I will obtainsuchamedical examinationeachyearbeforeparticipatingintheActivities(oraftershowinganysymptomsthat might call into 

question the adequacy of my health to participate in the Activities). If I violate the requirement of the H.C.A./Pantsuit Envoys. and Self-Help that I have such medical 

examinationspriortomyparticipationintheActivitieseachyear, I shall assumetheriskof mymedical conditionnot beingadequatetoparticipateintheActivities. I 

shall promptly notify H.C.A. and P.S.A. in writing of any changes in my health that might call into question the appropriateness of me continuing to 

participate in the Activities. 

By signing up below, you have read and agreed to terms stated above. 


Friday, September 25, 2009

Cloris Leachman and the Clintons

I just finished Cloris Leachman's autobiography ( thanks Emily!) and would like to share with you the  "Cloris and the Clintons" passage.

It seems back in 1992 that Cloris noticed that Bill Clinton's "body was becoming distorted from eating on the Campaign trail" from all that "grabbing and snacking". Though she didn't know the Clintons, Cloris felt she could help him loose weight.
She called Hillary whom she'd never met but who's number she'd had "got somehow", and talked to her secretary for probably 45 minutes. After a leisurely chat, she left a message for Hillary that she could "get our new president to loose a few pounds".
Hillary called her back a couple of days later, and was completely open to the idea of Cloris coming to the White House to cook a few meals that the President would enjoy eating, and help him take off the weight that he'd put on.
Cloris suggested she wear a paper bag over her head, so that no one would know who she was.

I don't think Cloris ever ended up in the White House kitchen, but how much do you love those gals?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pantsuit Promenade

"This Town" by Nancy Sinatra, played in my head as Shawnee and I explored some of the old mining towns of Arizona and New Mexico yesterday and today.

Not much lies between Bisbee and our Sister City of Silver City, except some lonely towns that are now teetering on the edge of becoming ghost towns. Just Railroad tracks, dusty bric-a-brac, and decaying remnants of glory days now gone forever.
These towns aren't the best location for Pantsuitin', but Silver City is a primo place for a Pantsuit Promenade!
And if you like groovy, historic, rambling old hotels with a great cafe, be sure to make the Palace Hotel your Pantsuitin' headquarters!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Purple Pantsuit Adventure

Today I am going to put on the Purple Pantsuit and go on an adventure....

Perhaps I'll do some time travel, and maybe some shape-shifting, it remains to be seen.
In any case, I'll  be back tomorrow!

Pantsuit Tusslers


How much do you want an International Flag Pantsuit?
I know I do, so it looks like it's up to me to make them.

Imagine how popular you'd be traveling the world in this number. It's clearly a must-have. 
Unfortunately, however, they don't make International flag material, so there's lots of work to do before we sport "The International".

I'd like to wear one to the International House of Pancakes, for starters!

Monday, September 21, 2009

 I am on a word fast today, so just pretend you can't see this...

         I am also on a food fast,

                   An art fast,

                  A Hill-fast,

              As well as a fun fast.

             This is my day today.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pantsuiting with Sally

Today I had the good fortune of getting a tour of my friend Sally's Pantsuit closet...

Sally's Pantsuit collection is impressive. She estimates she has around 100 or so.

Here's just the tip of the iceberg.

Sally has special hangers that allow her to layer her Pantsuits, according to color, size, and season.

Wow, imagine that! Layer upon layer of Pantsuits!

Here's one of Sally's latest acquisitions, purple corduroy with purple leopard lining.
I asked her is she was afraid to wear The Purple, you know, because of the shape-shifting, time travel thing.
She just shook her head YES.

Thank you, Sally, for taking us on a delightful trip through your closet! 
Happy Pantsuiting, everybody!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Magician's Pantsuit

This is the Magician's Pantsuit.
This Pantsuit has Pure-Crushed-Velvet-Purple-Pantsuit-Powers.
Powers not to be trifled with.

 The Magician's Pantsuit is never reliable.
This is why Hillary never wears The Purple, at least not publicly.  It is rumored she wore The Purple to Bermuda, which explain the whole mysterious "missing two weeks at the Bermuda Triangle" thing that happened last month.

A rare portrait of the Magician's Pantsuit. Now in the collection of Kate Taylor.

 This is the Pantsuit most often chosen for walking between worlds, and for time travel. This is the classic "Now you see me, now you don't" Pantsuit. 

When wet, this Pantsuit's powers increase exponentially. It becomes a conduit for receiving messages from "The Great Unknown". It is the Ouija board of Pantsuits. 

In fear of The Purple's power, I seldom wear the Magician's Pantsuit.
 Today, however, I feel the need to connect with The Great Purple Pantsuit Mysteries of the Universe.

Would you like an apple?

(Photo credit: Kelly and Maria from Phoenix) 

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Critic

I call this Pantsuit "The Critic".
The last to leave any art opening, you can always count on "The Critic" to thoroughly annoy.

The Critic thinks it knows everything about art, and everything about everything, for that matter.

The Critic thinks it's funny, but in reality it's only sarcastic and insulting.

If you see The Critic coming your way, you might want to head in another direction.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's talk Pantsuits

After watching the movie "Grey Gardens" last night ( which I highly recommend!) I decided I'd better attack that scary land I call my closet... room...area...junkheap.
First order of business, I must climb Pantsuit Mountain and see what I can see.

I discovered that I have a lot of Pantsuits. 
Not including the 40-50 red pantsuit blazers I have stuffed in garbage bags, (from the Phone Car days), I've counted 42 Pantsuits.

I also have another 20 or so Pantsuits over at the Art Envoy Institute, which puts me at about 60 or so.

  Will it ever be enough?  I wonder...

This is one of my current faves... it's a rust-colored mohair number I call "Rust Never Sleeps".
Perfect for fall.

"I have to think these things up, you know!" Little Edie Beale

Monday, September 14, 2009

A night with the Stars

The Stars were out in Bisbee last night at the fabulous Loma Linda mansion...

Our hosts... Ziggie Stardust and Cher, thought of every little thing to make the night sparkle.

After spending the day considering who to be, I finally decided on Raquel Welch.
I went for the early, earthy, groovy "2 Million Years B.C." era Raquel.

Suzanne also came as Raquel, and made a much better one I think. Here she is with Braveheart.

         Hugh Heffner and Blondie

       Ziggy Stardust

          Ester Williams

      Edie Beale from Grey Gardens

    John Denver and Lady Gaga

                Gunslingers galore!

           Cher and Edie Beale

      Marie Osmond, caught in the act!

    Sid Vicious, napping underwater in his chez lounge.

    Many thanks to Ziggy and Cher, for inviting us to their home for a spectacular evening!