Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I seem to be confusing people with the name change, so I've changed the name back to Hillary Clinton Army. 

Am I confusing you, or am I confusing myself? I don't know.
I have scratched the Pantsuit Army concept until I think it out more completely.
Perhaps a second blog, I'm not sure yet.
Anyways, did somebody say something about a Bouncy Castle?


love23 said...

I am confused a bit, but let's see if it can cleared up. I thought I read on this blog that the bouncy castle party was on October 26, and would be a HILLARY CLINTON PARTY too. Has this also changed? and is the bouncy party sooner? Inquiring minds want to know.

love23 said...

Oh by the way, October 26th is a Monday.

Tour Wonk said...

now that I have all of this free time since I am not a blogger... maybe I should devote my life to bouncy castles and the like???


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Bouncy Castle Party needs to be discussed.
We were planning to have it next week, Sept 9th, but I've screwed up my back. Bummer!
Who wants to throw a bouncy castle party when you can't jump on it? This is a problem!
So, the BC plans are in flux.
I'm now thinking early October.

Charlene said...

Yikes, Gretchen! So sorry to hear about you screwing up your back! Did that just happen today?

Early October sounds great to me for the Bouncy Castle Experience...

Tour Wonk - you'd better NOT stop bloggin! LOL

Flying Mermaid said...

Waaah! On both the chickening out of the name change (mofos who can't bend!) and more importantly, your back! What happened? Waah!

Charlene said...

I'm with the Wonk about the name change - I can certainly deal with it. What happened with that?

Hoping your back will be okay - you've still got the Arnica & Traumeel. Use that,'s good stuff!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

We will see how things unfold. I will definitely be working on the Pantsuit Army, I just need to figure out the best way to do it.
I'm not feeling terribly creative right now, bummer, so I'll just wait until I do to make some changes!