Sunday, September 13, 2009

Costume Conundrum

O.K., so I am invited to a "Come as your favorite "Movie Star/Rock Star/Porn Star" costume party that starts in a few hours and I have no idea who to be.
Talk about last minute here...I could seriously use your help! Here's a few ideas I have, but I'll consider being just about anybody!

My first thought, to the no-doubt, collective groans of all my friends, would be to be Hillary.
I could bring a multitude of Pantsuits, and repeatedly dive into the pool in all colors of the rainbow.

My next thought is Carol Channing. I just love me some Carol!

Then there's always Phyllis Diller. I don't have a cigarette holder though.

I don't know if I could pull off Raquel Welch, but hey, I'd be willing to consider trying! Oof, groan.

Oh, and another good use of all those pantsuits I have, Shirley Partridge. 
Other people that have passed through my brain are Vicki Lawrence, Olivia Newton-John, Mamma Cass, Chesty Morgan, and a bunch of other difficult to pull-off people.

Hmmmm..... I'm really lazy here. Any thoughts?


Charlene said...

I, too, need to get myself together for the costume gala. So far I have Roxane's blonde wig, which may lend itself to one of the wacky blondes on your list here. I also still have your sparkly dress that I wore to Pimp N Ho (sorry bout that). Does this help?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Hmmm... 4:18, no ideas yet. Tick, tock.

Charlene said...

How about Debby Harry? I'm a bit overwhelmed, myself...needed a nap big time and just woke up. Rushing now!

Tour Wonk said...

Chesty Morgan.... most definitely!

love23 said...

Well as we all know who were there, you pulled off a fabulous Raquel, but I was surprised that you never got into the pool? It was fun for sure. I haven't uploaded my photos yet, but am too tired to do that until about 10 hours from now!