Sunday, September 13, 2009

Plein Air and Pantsuits: The Whole Story

Webster's defines "Plein Air" as "of or relating in outdoor daylight".
Whatever, I just wanted to say "Webster's defines".
Anyway, Plein Air isn't always as easy as it sounds, especially during the record storms we had this weekend. Hail, flash flooding, thunder and lightning... the works! 
Old Bisbee itself got the worst of it. Luckily, the garden I chose to paint in, was on the edge of the storms.

Anyways, Day 2, and Lily and I start the morning with a bang!

The sun is shining, we have our polyester groovy pantsuits on, and we're ready to go!

I spent the day painting Peyton's garden entrance.

Lily hid in a fig tree all day... painting furiously.

There were a million people filing through this gate all day long, but I had my secret Ipod. "What? I can't hear you, can't talk, oh well!"
I was rocking out to Patti Smith and Blondie and with a mission in mind...
I wanted to paint two paintings before the rains came.

"Peyon's Garden Gate" completed, it began to drizzle.

 Lily's fig tree did a good job of protecting her from the rain, so she just kept right on painting.

I moved locations and attempted to bust one more painting out. 
There was now sprinkling steadily, with thunder and lightning storms in the distance, giving an air of excitement to the scene.
I cranked up the tunes, and began to throw the paint around, this time to an audience, who probably thought I was pretty weird.
But I did it, it's called "Hibiscus in the rain".

Hmmm... it seems to match my Pantsuit pretty well!

But we weren't done yet... the clock was still ticking! Now we had to rush into Bisbee, and have our paintings on display by 4 PM at the Plein Air competition. We hardly had time to put on a fresh Pantsuit!

The rain storm had passed, and the streets were blocked off for the show.
Lily showed her painting in the youth section, while I put my paintings on display in front of the restaurant I work at... Cafe Roka. There was live music, all the galleries were open, and the street was filled with art and people.
I sold "Peyon's Garden Gate", and won the people's choice second place award for "Zinnias".

I then went to Cafe Roka for dinner, and basically fell asleep in my soup.

The end


love23 said...

Awesome! Alright then, knew you would surely win something, and figured you'd for sure sell that Zinnia painting, when I first saw it! Mission accomplished! See you later with my ESTHER look!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Yes, I still don't know who I'm going to be!

Flying Mermaid said...

Such a lovely spot, Peyton's garden, and what delicious renditions of it!

Charlene said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait to see you this evening!

Anonymous said...

Nice work!! Love them all!!!!

Tour Wonk said...

awesome job GB!!!!

You sure it shouldn't have been "His Biscuits in the Rain?"

Anonymous said...

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