Friday, September 11, 2009

Plein Air and Pantsuits: Day 1

 I got up sickeningly early, put on my Pink and lime green Pantsuit, and hit the ground running for the first day of Bisbee's Plein Air Painting competition.
This is a private day of painting, as opposed to tomorrow when I will be painting with Art Envoy Lily, in a garden full of flower appreciators.
I would like you to know that although I was alone, I wore the Pantsuit in the hot sun all day long.

My day was spent in Peyton's field of brilliantly colorful Zinnias. 
There is a majestic mountain view in the distance.

I have to say the wearing of the Pantsuit is brilliant.
Hillary sure made a wise garment choice...
it keeps the sun off, looks great, and compliments any garden!

Here is the oil painting I did today.

After a moments pause for more photo ops, I cleaned up and climbed back into the Hillcar to go home and get ready for work.
The moment I got in the car, the sky opened up and released a deluge of rain.
So much rain, in fact, that the streets are so flooded I had to find higher ground for safe parking.

The view from the Hillcar.

Well, until tomorrow.....Happy Pantsuiting!


love23 said...

That painting is just spectacular!!!! I was in SV when the downpour happened, it was super wonderful.

love23 said...

PS I LOVE ZINNIAS, and to have a big old field of them!

Anonymous said...

Group comment from the land of your birth...

First off,
That painting is FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!!!

And I have taken good care of the folks... you'd be happy.

Jackie... your turn... Go for it Gretchen!!!!

And from Gene Baer:
" I don't DO comments!!!" and then he went off to bed. But he did love the painting!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Great group comment you guys!
And thanks, Kate!

Charlene said...

WOW! I love this painting of the zinnias and the mountain in the background! Beautiful!

Sounds like you've had a great pantsuitin' weekend!