Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Magician's Pantsuit

This is the Magician's Pantsuit.
This Pantsuit has Pure-Crushed-Velvet-Purple-Pantsuit-Powers.
Powers not to be trifled with.

 The Magician's Pantsuit is never reliable.
This is why Hillary never wears The Purple, at least not publicly.  It is rumored she wore The Purple to Bermuda, which explain the whole mysterious "missing two weeks at the Bermuda Triangle" thing that happened last month.

A rare portrait of the Magician's Pantsuit. Now in the collection of Kate Taylor.

 This is the Pantsuit most often chosen for walking between worlds, and for time travel. This is the classic "Now you see me, now you don't" Pantsuit. 

When wet, this Pantsuit's powers increase exponentially. It becomes a conduit for receiving messages from "The Great Unknown". It is the Ouija board of Pantsuits. 

In fear of The Purple's power, I seldom wear the Magician's Pantsuit.
 Today, however, I feel the need to connect with The Great Purple Pantsuit Mysteries of the Universe.

Would you like an apple?

(Photo credit: Kelly and Maria from Phoenix) 


Tour Wonk said...

apple please...

love23 said...

You were so close, wish you would have given me a call, so I could have felt the purple power!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I'd like to see you wearing your Power Suit, perhaps tonight?