Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School!

As today is Officially "Back to School Day", the International Hillcar made a special appearance at the Bisbee High School.

       Why, you might ask?

Because one lucky student is going to get a ride in the Hillcar to continue their education at the Art Envoy Institute.

That lucky somebody is none other than Art Envoy Lily!

In the tradition of schools all across America, the Art Envoy Institute has reopened it's doors once again today, and the Envoys will be getting back to work.

Lily, posing here as "Cousin It", painted a cool forest cabin scene.

     ( Painting in progress)

I also broke out the paints and painted a couple of Pantsuit Envoys in action, what fun!

           (Painting in progress)

I, too, am glad to be back in school!


Tour Wonk said...

I wish my days in school had been that fun... and creative.

Alas... they soooooooo were not!

Chew-Mee said...

Dat strange because Chew-Mee's Art & Eel Institution is also open.So don't delay call 1-800-EEL-SHOW today.