Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New techniques for Pantsuit Printmaking

Today I thought I'd try new technique of making Pantsuit prints.
Instead of having people cover themselves in paint and lay down on canvas, (which was a ridiculously fun to do, but produced mediocre results at best) I decided to go with another plan.
This time I quickly covered the Pantsuit jacket in paint, then threw down the canvas on top.
I then squashed the canvas down to get as much paint on it as possible.
Here are some of the results...

I am naming each Pantsuit Print after the jacket it was printed from.
This Pantsuit print is called "Alfred Dunner".



Claus 2

Mary Kay

These still need a lot of perfecting, but I think I might be onto something!


love23 said...

Oh yes, you are onto something. I especially love the way GRAF and MARY KAY came out! Very cool!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Thanks, stupid, but fun!