Friday, October 2, 2009

UV Pantsuits

I met with my friend Kathy from Berkeley today. She mentioned that she wears clothing made of UV fabric, but that most of the designs in this fabric are not going to hit the couture catwalk anytime soon. She has been playing with the idea of designing her own UV fashions.
Hello! What covers the body more effectively AND fashionably than a Pantsuit! I ask you?
O.K., there's the bio-hazard suit, but that tends to scare people off.
I suggested Kathy try on a Pantsuit from my collection and see how it feels....

She went for this scarlet and tangerine number... delicious!

But Kathy, imagine yourself in a coool cobalt making the coffeehouse scene in Berkeley!

Or how about seeing what Haight street looks like through a rose-colored pantsuit?

Or you could lay in the grass, (UV be damned) of Golden Gate Park, and practically disappear!

And why not turn people on their heads in the Purple Haze Pantsuit?

The possibilities are endless. Oh, and let's not forget include the much-overlooked hood onto any or all of these show-stoppers.
Please keep us posted, Kathy, as to your UV clothing designs!

And while we are on the subject of Pantsuits ( as if we are ever NOT) please visit
ExchangesConnect's forum section in the middle of the main page, for the full story of the Pantsuit Printmaking Project.
Your comments would be most appreciated!


Tour Wonk said...

that feature was rainbow-liscious!

love23 said...

These are great by the way, love the way you changed the colors, very cool!