Saturday, May 31, 2008

What a night!

Jenny Lou, Jerri, Alex and I were invited over to Tony Rodham's for a BBQ tonight, and what a great time we all had!

First of all, Tony and Megan's little girl Fionna is about the cutest thing ever! She is the apple of Hilary's eye and meeting her is knowing why!
They have wonderful kids, plus some great neighbor kids hung out as well! The Rodham's were calling me the "Pied Piper", because the kids and I had so much fun all evening!
( Sorry, I decided to delete the kids photos for privacy reasons... but I will say they are too cute!)
Here is Jamie Brazil, it was great to spend some time with him. I adore his wife, Deanna, she is a crack-up and we had some great laughs together. Unfortunately I forgot to take her picture.

After a wonderful evening of stories from Tony about his childhood with Hillary and Huey, ( he is a fantastic story-teller by the way, and he had us in stitches), we hit the road to see the sights of DC!
We pulled into the Lincoln Memorial parking lot only to get stopped by a police officer. For some unknown reason, I'm not sure what we did wrong, he wrote us a ticket, then decided to rip it up. He let us go take some photos of the memorial, where plenty of other people were doing the same.

I snuck this photo, in case it was against the law, on the way out!

DNC convention

The rally is going on strong, even though it's raining. Thanks to my friend "Disco Jeri", I am staying at the Mariot where the convention is happening.
It's an interesting kind of mayhem downstairs, and I will soon go into the convention, I'll bring my camera!
I went to lunch with Jamie Brazil, Tony Rodham, Suzanne and others today.

Here's Senator Carl Levin of Michigan.

Here's some guy I photographed.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Hillcar and I are in DC!

Thanks to Shawnee calling every auto parts store in the West Virginia area and procuring an alternator for the Hillcar, I'm here in DC! Well, Silver Springs, actually, which is about 8 miles from the WHITE HOUSE, ya! Thanks for saving the day, Shawnee! I was considering laying down on the rail road tracks!
Alright, I did actually lay down on the rail road tracks, but it was hard to get the right photo angle!

Tomorrow I'll be at the rally, which thousands of people are said to be attending. I'm glad to once again be on the job for Hillary!

Here's the great guys at Riggs auto, that's Dan Riggs to your left! Thanks guys!

Bridgeport over troubled water

I've left Nutter Fort, and here I am looking over the Bridgeport bridge. The guys at Dan Riggs auto are really helpful and great. Dan has been callng all over for an alternator, but no go! They can't procure a new or even a used Alternator until tomorrow!
This is a very small town with hotels only on the interstate. I guess I will go back there to sleep tonight.
Dan is pulling the old alternator today.
In the meantime... I wonder what kind of trouble I can get up to around here! Hmmm

I think I'll start by going across the street and taking some photos of Dan and the guys!

Nutter car repair

I'm off to Nutter's auto repair, wish me luck! No photos this morning, I'll work on that!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Broke down in Nutter Fort!

I spent a good part of the afternoon fighting with my new G.P.S., which by the way, sucks. I can't get it to work, at any rate!
I joked to my sister-in-law this evening that I maybe I'd spend the night in Nutter Fort, ( I spotted it on the map and liked the name). Well, here I am... my car died just outside of Nutter Fort as night was coming on. Lights, and electrical stuff first, gas was low but suddenly was almost out...I slid into Nutter Fort just in time, because then my car went dead, kind of like in a horror movie. "Lighting cracked as the old gas station attendant said " Looks like you'll have to spend the night here in Nutter Fort, Ma'am. Some folks say the old fort is haunted. Ain't no rooms around here 'cept at Old man's Nutter's place!" ( thunder).
The guy at the gas station gave me a jump which allowed me to hobble over to Old man Nutter's hotel. ( Kidding, I'm actually in a normal hotel).
But it looks like it needs a new alternator, whoopie!

Follow the yellow brick road

After a leisurely morning of cappuccino and mind-expanding thoughts and perspective of global situations from George, it's time to hit the highway!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Porching in Louisville

I'm here in Louisville. I just came in from porching... I don't think it would be considered "Extreme Porching", but George and I sat on THE porch with a nice glass of wine, some great conversation, and I even got treated to a back rub! A hoot owl joined us in the tree next to us and added his two cents! George says this is very rare.

There was a joke here...Joke deleted due to it's dumbness!

Today's shout-out goes to JUDY NAGLE !

Judy and I became friends through our efforts to win Arizona for Hillary. Thanks to Hillary, Judy and I have become great friends! She visited Bisbee this weekend and brought us her home-made "funny cake". It's Kate's mom's Pennsylvania-Dutch recipe. A cake inside of a pie, you haven't lived until you experience Judy's fantastic creation!
Judy has been there for me on this crazy adventure since the beginning. Thanks Judy!
O.K., gotta get on a plane now, next stop... Louisville!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The new Hillcar video has arrived!

Thank you Teresa! This really lifts my spirits and gives me courage! You are wonderful!
Love, Gretchen

The obvious conclusion...

The Hillcar will soon be visiting THE WHITE HOUSE! I will be flying to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow, and then driving the HIllcar to DC. I'm a small town girl through and through, so the thought of driving alone to Washington DC alone ( can I say ALONE again! ) in a Hillary mobile horrifies me! But I'm doing it anyway! Wish me luck, and please keep following me on my next adventure!
Lord knows I don't want to be guilty of boring my readers! So here we go...

Monday, May 26, 2008

I hope this brings a smile!

Today in Puerto Rico...
It's great to see Hillary having fun once in a while!

Count us in, we've just begun!

We have to keep fighting, people! Our friend Je'Amour is bringing 3 other decorated cars. She wants me to pass on this info to you... painters tape does not hurt your car, and we've got Hillary signs!
Please come to DC and join us!
Now is the time, let's get out there and stand up for Hillary!
Pass it on!!!!

How many Hillarys does it take...

to have a Hill-parade in Washington DC?
I don't know but we can produce 50 Hillary's from the back of the Hillcar!
So how about 50 Hillary's, one Hillcar, and one Hill-truck... just for starters!
Come on kids, let's go!

Here's a cool photo from Russian Media. That's Terry McAuliffe, I like him, he pretty much rocks!

Meet Betty Boo...

She's from Pittsburgh PA, but brought her cool truck to Louisville, KY! She's on the job! This Hillary truck is coming to DC. See you there, Je'Amour!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Come on get happy!

I'm hopping back on the Hill-bus this week, and I will be taking the Hillcar to THE WHITE HOUSE for the big rally to let the DNC know we must seat Florida and Michigan! I hope you all will join me on this adventure, virtually or physically!
If you can't actually make it to DC, want to help, and haven't visited the DONATE button on your right yet, now is a great time!
I need your help, Hillary needs your help!

Shirely Partridge standing in for Hilllary here! Love her! Ooooh!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We won't stop till the lady in the pantsuit sings!

...and everyone knows the lady in the pantsuit can't sing for #*@&*% !!!!

The Hillcar on Capitol Hill!

I just bought my plane ticket to Louisvile on Wednesday to drive the Hillcar to DC! I would loooove a rider, especially someone who LOVES to drive! I seriously hate driving in big cities... roadtrip, anyone?

Mrs. Clinton, your Hill-cab awaits!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My phone's off the hook...

...but I'm not!
My phone just died which is cramping my style today! I am trying to make a plan, but without a phone, a car, and in a 50 MPH wind storm things are not going along as easily as they could!
I am leaving one of my alter-egos "El-Change-O!" ( pictured below) in charge as I head off to work. Any thoughts, abstract or otherwise, please pass on to El-Change-O! And I'll get back to you soon!

Blowin' away!

The winds of change are a-blowin' , and nobody's a-knowin' where this is a-goin'!

This photo was taken during my "Sunset Boulevard" obsessed days!

Here in Bisbee the wind is blowing at 50 miles per hour! Almost as fast as the Hillcar on the highway!
Which brings me to my next dilemma. My auto-shippers (A to Z Auto Shipping, who ROCK, by the way!), can't find an auto-carrier until NEXT Friday! My fantastic friends, George and Trisha, have been more than kind by storing the Hillcar in their garage in Louisiville. But poor Trisha's car had to be moved out of their garage to house the Hillcar, and I think the Hillcar may be taking advantage of their hospitality!
The Hillcar was last seen routing though George and Trisha's fridge, opening up their best champagne, and taking it back out to the garage with some cucumber slices for her eyes!
Hillcar, do I have to get back on that plane and drag you out of there by your bumper?
I'm thinking I do, but luckily the WHITE HOUSE is a mere 12 hours a way, and an important rally to seat Florida and Michigan is underway. So, what do you think, folks, do we hear the White House calling?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A shout-out to some new friends!

Here's Suzanne, one of the most dedicated Hillary volunteers you will ever meet! She helped me with the Hillcar in West Virginia, as well as in Kentucky. Trust me , I need the help big-time! Thank you Suzanne, I look forward to the next Hill-adventure with you!

Here is Teresa, she made the cool Hillcar video! She is one of the kindest, generous souls there is... plus she's a lot of fun!

This is the infamous KC Mustang. KC and I met through this very blog! She joined us in Kentucky, and is was like being reunited an old friend.

This is George, of "Extreme Porching" fame! To Extreme Porch with him is to travel to a place filled with love, flowers, great wine, wonderful conversation, back rubs, and positivity! George is housing the HIllcar until it travels off to it's next adventure, thanks George!

Divided we fail!

There has been no end of in-fighting within the Democratic party, and I believe it needs to stop now! We will only fail and end up with 4 years of John McCain!
In order to come together it is imperative that both Hillary and Obama are together on the ticket. One as president, the other as vice. TOGETHER, CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Here are some more photos from the Victory party in Louisville, KY. What a great night it was, and what a great family the Clintons are!
The more I have been around Hillary, the more I have come to love her. Hillary's energy is one of love and caring. It's completely genuine, and it's amazing to be around! This is the kind of healing energy we need right now! I feel so lucky to be alive in the time of such a unique individual!

Back in Bisbee!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I traveled all day, then slept 18 hours! I am working on the next thing right now. I'm trying to get the Hillcar shipped to South Dakota. If I don't have luck on that I have other ideas too. Today I will figure this out!
Here's a video made in the parking lot of the "Downtown Inn" in Louisville, KY. I think the interviewer is from the BBC.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Come on..

What's not to love!

We've had a great night here in Louisville! Tomorrow ( in a few hours) I will fly back to Arizona, and the Hillcar and I will go our seperate ways for the next week until we reunite in South dakota! Much thanks to George and Trisha, the "extreme porching" folks, for helping get the Hillcar to it's next destintation!
Many thanks as well, to Suzanne, KC, and Teresa... much love to you! But we all need to go to bed now! Goodnight!

The final frontiier!

Montana.. (or South Dakota!) The final frontier!
These are the voyages of the art car..."HILLCAR"!
It's mission, to seek out new Hillary supporters, to boldly go where no Hillcar has gone before!
(music please!)

O.K., I'm working on the details right now!

Monday, May 19, 2008

At the rally...Today's Hillcolor was...

Butterscotch supreme!

With a special guest ( who knew?)

and a freaky, funny kid running around...

One of my fave photogs, Robyn was there,

This event even had a cool band that kept everyone entertained until Hillary got there, now there's an idea!

Here's Hillary with Uma,

After the rally, KC Mustang and I went over to the hotel across the street, (where it turns out hillary is staying) for a drink. I spotted Uma having a drink with a couple of guys looking very relaxed and happy with a huge smile on her face, I was glad to see that!

Here she is... KC Mustang!

She looks a lot like Hillary!

Let go, Let Hillary!

Today I am reminding myself of this approach to life, "let go, let Hillary!" I will still work just as hard today, and I still believe just as strongly that Hillary is the one! But of late there are days when I feel very frustrated, so today I will simply use my old approach of getting out there with people and having some fun! There are a lot of great photo ops here in Louisville, I hope to be posting some a little later today!
Tonight Hillary speaks here in Louisville! Today I am not going to PUSH to be a part of the event as I have been, I will just BE part of the event, grasshopper!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

KC Mustang!

We are back in Louisville at a cheap but decent hotel downtown. Soon to be joining us will be the this blogs own K.C. MUSTANG! She should be peeling into the parking lot around noon tomorrow!
Look out, here comes KC!

Please give this a listen...

Hillary speaks to bloggers

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The "what should I do" polls are now closed!

And the winner is (drumroll please!)..... send the car to Montana and/or South Dakota!The close second was the "ditch and hitch",
( leaving the Hillcar at the Clinton museum in Little Rock and hitching home).
But as that choice wasn't the winner, this means that YEA! WE ARE GOING TO MONTANA AND/OR SOUTH DAKOTA!
Does anyone know anyone in Montana or South Dakota?
For all of you who haven't hit that faboulous "DONATE" button, now is your chance! Let's send the Hillcar ( and me!) to Montana and/or South Dakota! WWHD?!!

Today Hillcast... Turquoise!

Being rouge Hillary warriors occasionally has it's downsides. We have to brush-cut our own path through this campaign, trying to carve out a niche for crazy art cars and the like! And believe it or not, it isn't always that easy! But we brush ourselves off and ask ourselves, WWHD ( what would Hillary do) ? And the answer is always the same... get back up and keep on fighting!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Extreme porching

Here in Louisville, they do what is called " extreme porching!" We got right into the spirit!
I was spraying out a new "Hillsuit"in the alley next to the HC Headquarters, in what turned out to be our new friend George's back alley! He invited us over to "extreme porch", and it was all over! Louisville, we love you!

Thank you George and Trisha!


I just purchased a plane ticket home from Louisville on Wednesday, the day after the Kentucky primary. Now the question is, where ever shall I send the Hillcar? My outgoing e-mail hasn't been working out here, so if you wrote me and I didn't respond this is why! Anyway, as soon as I can, I will send out some e-mails to see if there is any interest from the campaign, etc. in having the Hillcar in South Dakota and/or Montana!
Quitters never win, they say! Hillary's not a quitter, and neither are we!

Please tell the DNC we want Florida and Michigan's votes to count!
Florida and Michigan!

photo credit: Brian Blauser

Louisville Slugger

We are off to Louisville today to continue the fight! The horses here seem like they're not interested in voting anyway!

I'm out of horse photos, so here's a photo I found from USA TODAY.

I'm trying to decide what I should do today about getting home by Thursday for work. Maybe you can help.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My old Kentucky home!

It was raining incredibly hard this afternoon. We drove half way to the Bill rally and had to give up and turn around! We hated to give up, but when we got back to our "Hillary house," we discovered the answer to the question of where Hillary and the horses are ( it was driving me crazy!) Who knew, they were both right here in Frankfort, Kentucky!

Many thanks to our most excellent hosts, who helped us with these photos!