Sunday, May 11, 2008

We're off to see the Wizard!

If ever a wiz she was...
I finally got up the nerve to call Capricia, Hillary's right hand gal. She seems very intimidating and I didn't want to make the call. Oh, news flash....just in.... this lady isn't Capricia, this is Uma!

O.K., well I spoke with Capricia ( who is in Arlington) , who is very friendly and cool. She said she'd help me out and call Advance to let them know I will be coming with the Hillcar and to let me in to the rallies.
Let's hope she made the call. We have a two and a half hour drive to the first rally today!
By the way, I am still floored by that video I posted last night! My parents called and love it too!

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Maggie45 said...

Gretchen, the Hillcar is on the DrudgeReport!!!