Thursday, May 15, 2008

My old Kentucky home!

It was raining incredibly hard this afternoon. We drove half way to the Bill rally and had to give up and turn around! We hated to give up, but when we got back to our "Hillary house," we discovered the answer to the question of where Hillary and the horses are ( it was driving me crazy!) Who knew, they were both right here in Frankfort, Kentucky!

Many thanks to our most excellent hosts, who helped us with these photos!


Amber in FL said...

I heard some very troubling news today...I read that the GOP have some very damaging material in their "ruin the democrat" play book that they plan to bring out in October. Apparently, they have some sort of video footage of Michelle obama talking in Rev. Wright''s church about "whitey" (meaning the white folks). OMG...if this is true, us Democrats are screwed!! We seriously need to nominate Hillary while we still can. GOP is planning on Swift boating Obama like they did Kerry!!!! Holy shit...this is BAD BAD BAD for the Democrats.

Come on Superdelegates....nominate Hillary. You guys are suppose to be smarter than these GOP fools

mariandelochs said...

Amber, I'm hoping someone brings out that damaging videotape BEFORE the convention, like now, or next week!