Friday, May 23, 2008

My phone's off the hook...

...but I'm not!
My phone just died which is cramping my style today! I am trying to make a plan, but without a phone, a car, and in a 50 MPH wind storm things are not going along as easily as they could!
I am leaving one of my alter-egos "El-Change-O!" ( pictured below) in charge as I head off to work. Any thoughts, abstract or otherwise, please pass on to El-Change-O! And I'll get back to you soon!


Teresa said...

Hey, El-Change-O! If you do decide to proceed to DC with that naughty, hospitality-abusing (but still pretty) Hillcar, I may have someone who could help you with lodging in the Bethesda area, where I used to live many moons ago. But will have to check with my friend and her hubby first!

Good luck in your first day back at the resto!

kcmustang said...

Gretchen, girlfriend, you are off the hook! and in chicago that is a good thing.... kinda like ... you are sooo crazy... is a good thing. El Change O...never ceases to amaze me.