Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Full speed ahead!

Hillary is going full speed ahead, and so are we! Thanks to your generous donations, we will be traveling up to West Virginia ....full speed ahead!!

Today I will be putting a new muffler on the car, and making some new Hillsuits. Melissa is working on a painting job. Tomorrow we will hit the road!
Many thanks to the people of North Carolina, who joined in and Helped! You rock!


Tour Wonk said...

Go Get 'Em, Gretchen!!!!!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

love23 said...

Good talking to you this morning! Glad you got that muffler repaired! YEAH! Man I look forward to you tasting an authentic FUNNYCAKE! made by Judy with my mom's PA DUTCHIE recipe. The one she brought to the party was 100 times better than that store bought one we tried in PA DUTCH LAND! Get some rest! Maybe you will be back in Bisbee for Bill Carter's book signing party on May 26th at ROKA. Only time will tell all the answers to these mysteries, we all love and miss you so much! Put the PARTY back in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY Commandante!

Anonymous said...

I just donate $30 to you. Please help Hillary win.

El-Change-O! said...

Thank you Joey! You rock! I'm giving it all I've got! We can't afford 4 more years of Bush-style politics,we are going to do this! Much love to you! Gretchen