Saturday, May 31, 2008

What a night!

Jenny Lou, Jerri, Alex and I were invited over to Tony Rodham's for a BBQ tonight, and what a great time we all had!

First of all, Tony and Megan's little girl Fionna is about the cutest thing ever! She is the apple of Hilary's eye and meeting her is knowing why!
They have wonderful kids, plus some great neighbor kids hung out as well! The Rodham's were calling me the "Pied Piper", because the kids and I had so much fun all evening!
( Sorry, I decided to delete the kids photos for privacy reasons... but I will say they are too cute!)
Here is Jamie Brazil, it was great to spend some time with him. I adore his wife, Deanna, she is a crack-up and we had some great laughs together. Unfortunately I forgot to take her picture.

After a wonderful evening of stories from Tony about his childhood with Hillary and Huey, ( he is a fantastic story-teller by the way, and he had us in stitches), we hit the road to see the sights of DC!
We pulled into the Lincoln Memorial parking lot only to get stopped by a police officer. For some unknown reason, I'm not sure what we did wrong, he wrote us a ticket, then decided to rip it up. He let us go take some photos of the memorial, where plenty of other people were doing the same.

I snuck this photo, in case it was against the law, on the way out!

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love23 said...

Hey I love those new pants you are wearing with the jacket! xoKATE