Thursday, May 22, 2008

Divided we fail!

There has been no end of in-fighting within the Democratic party, and I believe it needs to stop now! We will only fail and end up with 4 years of John McCain!
In order to come together it is imperative that both Hillary and Obama are together on the ticket. One as president, the other as vice. TOGETHER, CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Here are some more photos from the Victory party in Louisville, KY. What a great night it was, and what a great family the Clintons are!
The more I have been around Hillary, the more I have come to love her. Hillary's energy is one of love and caring. It's completely genuine, and it's amazing to be around! This is the kind of healing energy we need right now! I feel so lucky to be alive in the time of such a unique individual!


love23 said...

What absolutely GREAT photos, stunning! The one of Hillary is just amazing, I think it says it all, what a super graceful invidual. I am so glad that I got to shake her hand on a few occasions during our Pennsylvania trip. She's just so brilliant and her family is AWESOME, and you know how much family means to me!xoKATE

kcmustang said...

G, hope you have been able to catch up on some zzz's. KY was great and a ton of fun. I don't know how Hillary does it but she does it with grace. She had an equal amount of love for each and every person in the room! I would be tired and worn out from the race but if she was in a race with the energizer bunny I think she would win. I feel so lucky to know you and be a part of the event.