Friday, May 9, 2008

Rainy night in West Virginia...

Today Melissa and I were feeling tired and a bit run-down so I decided to splurge and get a nice hotel in downtown Charleston for the night. Here is a rare view of the Hillcar taken from 9 stories above in the hotel room!

We then hit the road to two Bill rallies. The first one was in St. Alban. We buzzed the event a bunch of times and then decided to check out the town. We met a guy named Allen was a McCain supporter. He brought us to the "El Dorado Bar", where we quickly made quite a few friends!

They seemed genuinely happy to see us, they said they had read about the Hillcar in the newspaper this morning, plus saw it on the television... cool!

This girl said she is a Republican, but that she has already voted for Hillary Clinton. She gave me her reasons why. She was very versed on Hillary's policies, and especially liked her plans for education and student loans.

I met two other folks who were Republican, but who had decided to vote for Hillary!
And by the way, as we left our Republican friend Allen told us he has changed his mind and has decided to vote for Hillary!

Our second rally was a wash out, literally! It was raining so hard we could barely see the road!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fantastic support you gave to Hillary. I wish I can be with you.

We love you Hillary! I know the truth and I don't believe any craps those liars said about you. You will always be my idol, my hero, and my president.

HillCar Rocks!

JihadGene said...


Great Reader, KIM Jong IL
Pyongyang, California 90210