Saturday, May 31, 2008

DNC convention

The rally is going on strong, even though it's raining. Thanks to my friend "Disco Jeri", I am staying at the Mariot where the convention is happening.
It's an interesting kind of mayhem downstairs, and I will soon go into the convention, I'll bring my camera!
I went to lunch with Jamie Brazil, Tony Rodham, Suzanne and others today.

Here's Senator Carl Levin of Michigan.

Here's some guy I photographed.


love23 said...

Oh the infamous Jamie Brazil and Tony Rodham! YEAH! Strike it rich, HILLCAR creator! The Mariot oh yeah! So much greatness, you are rewarded by the universe for going thru what you went thru yesterday, YEAH YEAH SHAWNEE!!! I am not connecting on Suzanne? OK, have some good rockin campaign fun and put the party back into the Democratic Party! xoKATE

love23 said...

Oh wow you mean Suzanne that has been helping you! WOW she's there too, with that great HILLARY ROSIE THE RIVOTER! t-shirt! Tell her hello from KATE!

El-Change-O! said...

Will do, Kate!