Thursday, May 22, 2008

A shout-out to some new friends!

Here's Suzanne, one of the most dedicated Hillary volunteers you will ever meet! She helped me with the Hillcar in West Virginia, as well as in Kentucky. Trust me , I need the help big-time! Thank you Suzanne, I look forward to the next Hill-adventure with you!

Here is Teresa, she made the cool Hillcar video! She is one of the kindest, generous souls there is... plus she's a lot of fun!

This is the infamous KC Mustang. KC and I met through this very blog! She joined us in Kentucky, and is was like being reunited an old friend.

This is George, of "Extreme Porching" fame! To Extreme Porch with him is to travel to a place filled with love, flowers, great wine, wonderful conversation, back rubs, and positivity! George is housing the HIllcar until it travels off to it's next adventure, thanks George!


love23 said...

Hi everybody, I look forward to meeting you all, and I already met Suzanne, so hope to see you again! Nice to put a face on KC Mustang, you are as lovely loving looking as I suspected! Y'all should come to Bisbee, and I will have an EXTREME PORCHING on my front porch!

kcmustang said...

Hey Kate ~ it was good talking to you and look forward to sharing your porch one day. Thank you for the kind is surprising to see myself, mask off, on this blog actually.

Teresa said...

Hey, Gretchen - 'twas an honour and special privilege to be (a small, teeny) part of this exciting Hillcar/Hillary campaign of yours, and to meet and spend quality time with such a wonderful, smart, talented and amusing bunch of people like you, Suzanne and KC! (But you exaggerate a tad in your little blurb there...)

KC - glad to know you made it back to Chicago safely. Loved our chats! I can't access your blog since I'm not a blogger here - would love to exchange emails w/ ya! Hugs to you, girl!

And hope the indefatigable Suzanne reads this - oh, my! your energy and fighting spirit were so infectious - Hillary is so lucky to have you as a supporter! Love to ya!

Hope we can all get together again soon. And perhaps I'll also meet love23 one day and experience some of that extreme porching, too - if I ever head out west to the AZ desert....

kcmustang said...

Teresa - is was great hanging with you chats and great snacks! i can't even imagine how tired you must have been on Wednesday. I am still laughing from Tuesday is not over until the lady in the pantsuit sings! Ok ... to email just add to my blog name ... peace n hugs ...KC

emily said...

Hello fellow Hillary supporter!
Thank you for your dedicated work for Hillary! All of you amaze me.

Suzanne stayed with us when she was in PA and we LOVED her too! :) We're ready to have her back in the fall when she is campaigning for Hillary!

Keep up your great work and know how much it is appreciated!

And finally, I know what the heck she meant by 'Hillcar' That is AWESOME!