Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wer'e off to see the Hillarys!

This photo was taken by a freelance photographer in Scranton. He is an excellent photographer, I will post more of his and hunt up his name!

Melissa and I will be hitting the road soon for Asheville! I have to do a quick repaint on my car before we leave, it was defaced last night. That's the way we roll in the Hillcar!


kcmustang said...

a quick repaint? it hurts to read that it was defaced last night, i can only imagine what you felt waking up to that. i swear you need a webcam attached to her. safe travels to asheville! xo

love23 said...

That so sucks about the defacing! But you and I already know first hand what it's like to have an art car defaced. It's happened numerous times to both of us, with other cars we have made. I hope this is the one time it will happen where you are. I was worried in York of that happening, that's why it was so good that you could put it in Pam's garage!

Tour Wonk said...

it hurts my heart that someone would deface the car... but my fave part of how you roll is that you just fix it and move on!!!

Great to hear your voice yesterday.. I miss ya, GB.


Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

The Hillarys look great! What a grand idea! I hope the idiots that defaced your car OUR CAR - get what's coming to them. Unfortunately, there are people like that everywhere. You do a good job of rolling with the punches though - much better than I would have! :o)

Miss you!

stylin said...

Following your trip here at the "My Hillary" Rhode Island Headquarters or better known as- my dad's tv room...We are so proud of you. It's amamzing what creativity can do for a campaign! Keep rollin but watch your back baby!
your biggest fans,
maria, mom and dad!