Saturday, May 10, 2008

Melissa's hopping off the campaign trail!

Melissa has to get back to her real life, her music career. It has been such a joy to have her join me this past week in the Hillcar. Besides being my personal chauffeur, ( I don't actually like driving!), she has been a great companion and together our time has been really effective in Hillaryland. Thanks so much Melissa! I'll miss you!

Driving the Hillcar is a two person job. There are a lot of logistics to deal with. For instance at rallies, one person needs to drive while the other works up the crowds. Or while one person circles the block, the other runs around talking with Officials, police, ground crew etc., to plug the Hillcar into the event. Not to mention figuring our way around in strange cities. You get the idea. Plus it's no fun with just one!

Enter Suzanne, ( we hope!) Suzanne Grier is a Hillary friend that I made in Pennsylvania. She's also a friend of John West. She called me yesterday and said she is coming this way today. I hope she can stay and work with me for a while! She is a devoted Hillary supporter. She is spending her retirement money to do this. She says, "Hey, if we don't get Hillary elected, there will be no retirement!" She said she would love to join me in the Hillcar. She said, " We should atleast have fun with this ( Hillary) thing!"


love23 said...

Hi GB, I can't remember which one Suzanne is, I look forward to seeing her in the photos. I am glad that she can meet up with you and keep you company! I am sure that Hillary will definitely win in West Virginia! (I put together two photo albums from our PA trip, 160 photos each, and also have extras for the next collage room in my house).

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Yes, Hillary is expected to win both W. VA and Kentucky. It will be fun seeing her win more states.

kcmustang said...

GB i did not know you were going solo for a bit....Mom just out of hospital and sister going in on Wednesday...things crazy for me right now otherwise i would find WV. Thanks Melissa for being on the road with GB and the Hillcar.