Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're counting on you, West Virginia!

Today is the big day here in West Virginia! Tonight Hillary will be giving her Victory speech at the Charleston civic center, and we plan on being there to see her win big!
This afternoon is about "visibility", driving around and honking, standing on the side of the road and waving, wearing Hillary masks... that kind of thing!
Not much news at the moment, it's all being saved for tonight!


love23 said...

Hey Gretchen, this is the same exact photo that Bonnie and George Kopp found today and forwarded to you and I? How can that be, did you post it from that? Nice talking on my cell to you, what a fun luxury finally! Have I entered the 21st century? I still don't have a microwave and don't plan to ever have one! Just realized it's 7PM where you are, and the polls will be closing at 8PM! I bet that victory party tonight will be amazing!!!!!!!!!! xoKATE

GeekLove said...

I helped create the “Mad is Hell” video along with IndyRobin.

I created a NEW VIDEO: “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”


It’s about Obama’s silence on sexism against Hillary Clinton and his own sexist remarks.

If you approve of the video, I’d appreciate your help in spreading the video by creating a post on the video and ask that you and your readers go to youtube to RATE, COMMENT & mark FAVORITE the video.


El-Change-O! said...

Thanks, I'll check it out!