Saturday, May 24, 2008

We won't stop till the lady in the pantsuit sings!

...and everyone knows the lady in the pantsuit can't sing for #*@&*% !!!!


Teresa said...

OMG, that is freaking hilarious!!! Just snorted my cuppa tea on the keyboard, G, thank you very much! Good thing singing well isn't part of presidential duties. Hill's not perfect, but we all knew that. But she's pretty darn well a genius in the things that really matter as Prezident - and WE LOVE HER anyway!

GO, HILLARY (in tune or not!)!!!

El-Change-O! said...

Yes, so mehow it's nice to know there is something Hillary CAN'T do, and that's sing!
Ofcourse kudos to you for the idea behind this post!
Hillary is like Super woman in most departments, but if we ever get into a kareoke contest, whew! I'm taking her down!

Anonymous said...

She can't sing. But it was awesome anyway because she's not afraid of singing.