Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Raw talent!

We've got some very talented Hillarys out here today! We are on the corner of King and Queen street here in Boone, North Carolina! One more hour until the polls close... there seems to be a mostly Hillary supporters driving by here!

This kid can not only put his legs behind his neck, he can spin!
Now this is the kind of spin we LOVE when it comes to HIllary!


Anonymous said...

That kid should be on Letterman!

love23 said...

Hey Gretchen, I am at Diane and Don's and we are just back from Lynn's Primary Party. Lynn resold your jacket to make extra money for you, and I have the check $50 to give to Shawnee tomorrow upon my return, to deposit into your account. The party was fun and Judy and I thought you might call, but maybe no good reception? Keep on going strong, I guess this means you will also be going to Kentucky after West Virginia? I am still willing to go to Puerto Rico, but if you aren't going I will probably go another time. I am definitely driving to Denver for Democratic Convention. Bisbee's so lonely without you and the HILL CAR! Love from Tucson tonight! Kate & Diane

love23 said...
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