Saturday, May 3, 2008

I need your help!

Have you noticed those polls inching up in favorability for our lady Hillary in North Carolina? Well, Melissa and I and the Hillcar are working from sun-up till late in the night every day to help make those numbers rise, and we believe it's working!
We hit town after town every day to spread the word and spread excitement about Hillary. Yesterday alone, I think we stopped in over 10 different towns, one rally, and one art crawl. We are exciting people about Hillary and it's having it's desired effect!
Financially,I need your help! I am not only paying for myself and the Hillcar, but also for my amazing friend Melissa's food needs. I could not pull this off without her! Melissa Reaves loves Hillary, loves to drive, and because she is a traveling musician, knows the roads all around this part of the world like the back of her hand! I'd like to keep working with her in her neighboring states!
I just posted a "donate" button. If you believe in us and can afford it. Hit the button and help us purchase anything from a cup of coffee, to our monthly mortgages! This is a group effort, Hillary Clinton Army, I need you!
You have all been so generous to me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! If youv'e given all you can give, (and I know some of you have given more than you can give) see if you can talk a friend into giving!
My heart and my mind says we need to continue in our efforts if we want to see Hillary win. This isn't just about a candidate. If Barrack takes the nomination the Republicans will squash him in a New York minute! We will end up with another 4 years of Bush-style presidency. The United States, won't be able to withstand this, the earth won't be able to withstand this! So please hit that button and let's keep the Hillcar rolling! West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico here we come!
I thank you all for making this possible! Let's see this through to see HILLARY AS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!
We gotta hit the road now, wev'e got Hillary rallys in Gastonia, Morrisville. Plus we've got lots of people to meet and greet in lots of small town on the way!
Love, Gretchen
Please let me know if the button works O.K.! Send me a message at


love23 said...

Hi GB, Guess this means I won't be picking you up at the airport?

I might not stay over, if this is truly the case.

See what happens until Tuesday, I am still going up to see Judy!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

And I am looking forward to seeing you, Kate! Funny cake's a-coming!

GB, I just gave you more money to try out the Donate Button and it worked. We use PayPal for our Ebay sales. I'll send more emails asking for donations today. Lynn also sent an email. You have made it really easy to donate. Don't worry about my money - I use paypal as a savings account and always have extra money in there and am happy to give it to you. I feel your efforts are truly making a difference for Hillary in NC. We'll get you more money. Take care. Love you!

catwoman said...

Hey gretchen!
Judy was able to show me how to get on, gee computers are not my pals!

love23 said...

Funny Cakes a-coming!

now that's the first line of a song the HILLARY's could be singing, when they visit JUDY NAGLE!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Oh, yeah! who can write the music!

stylin said...

Hi Gretch, great idea about Melissa as I remember she is one heck of a driver!
have a coffee or 2 on me!