Sunday, May 4, 2008

Morning in Morganton..

We started the day going to a Bill-rally in Marion, NC. We were not permitted to park within the event, so Hillary decided she should wash the car. The car wash happened to be across the street from the action in Marion!

From Marion, we got connected to a wonderful girl named Aly. She made it easy for us in Morganton. We drove right up to the event, the police opened the gates and let us in. Strange, there were a lot of Hillarys there!

Today's Bill-look, a tie the a great color of blue! I can't decide on what to call the color...cobalt, turquoise, I can't decide!

Bill is always an amazing speaker!

We met a lot of great people in Marion, and a lot of great people on the way to the next event!


love23 said...

YOWZA, I do love the multiple Hillarys! They are so brilliant, great dream and vision realized. His tie is hard to describe! I loved hearing him speak, so long ago, in QUAKERTOWN! Stan's Memorial Service was amazing. So many folks attended, and you know Sally is wonderful at speaking, and Shawnee was there to get all the technical glitches figured out. The three slide shows were so touching, my Day in the Life made me cry watching it. I also threw in those ones I emailed you, and they used them in the friends presentation part. His early years were heartfelt, little Stan as a baby and growing up. The community loved him so much and still do. Will I see you on Wednesday or not? Only time will tell, love KATE PS Bernie came for the memorial and I am giving him a ride back to Tucson on Tuesday.

El-Change-O! said...

Hey, I wish I coud have been there! I don't know about wed., I don't think so! Love you, G