Monday, May 26, 2008

How many Hillarys does it take...

to have a Hill-parade in Washington DC?
I don't know but we can produce 50 Hillary's from the back of the Hillcar!
So how about 50 Hillary's, one Hillcar, and one Hill-truck... just for starters!
Come on kids, let's go!

Here's a cool photo from Russian Media. That's Terry McAuliffe, I like him, he pretty much rocks!

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Teresa said...

Greetings to All on this Memorial Day Holiday!

Ehh, making me green with envy now with your plans for the DC trip! Wow, you can fit all those Hillarys in the back of the Hillcar?!! Geez, Hillcar wonders never cease!

Nice pic with The Mac! Good on the Russian media!

By the way, there's also a blue Hillarymobile running around somewhere, driven by Greg Laclair all the way from Rochester, NY. Last seen in Ashland, KY, here:

Maybe he'll be in DC, too - dunno.

G - I think I'm going into serious Hillcar withdrawal...but still stuck here working on the second Hillcar music video. (Can't decide on the music!)

Cheers, El-Change-O! Here's to a Great Summer ahead of us!